Hell looks just like Walla Walla !  

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5/1/2006 11:17 pm

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Hell looks just like Walla Walla !

So I decided I hate small t0wns. I went to visit a friend in Walla Walla this weekend... never been there and I was g0ing to see a h0ttie and I wasn't doin' anything else. And since Marigrrl t0ok her b0obs off her profile I don't even jerk off to the internet anymore.
So I was in town for an hour before I f0und out that every one of these Wallaboys hate city boys, or anyone who has m0re than 50% of their teeth, or shows any unique charachteristics. Everyone hates black people but they all love BET. I'd need a hypo-dermic needle to main line that pure hypocracy.
Speakin of I found the only drug dealer in the t0wn and he was easy to find cuz my friends pal was the only crack-head in the t0wn which sadly made him the "normal" guy in my view, atleast the n0mal waste-O.
So g0t a bunch of over the counters for my buddies, and they were pleased about that. Of course the crack-head redneck ripped me off for 30 bucks. So if I ever see him again (and I will!) I'm gonna knock his teeth straight for him.

So things that suck about small towns,

1 Bush-Cheney stickers
2 The smell of cow shit
3 Everyone is racist (due to suppressed homo-sexual desire)
4 When you get ripped off by this crack head you feel really stupid because its a small town crack head
5 Excessive amounts of cats and bugs
6 Having the only gun permit in town and your not from there
7 Bush-Cheney stickers
the likely hood of getting your ass kicked by inbread mutant fucktards

Of c0urse I'd luv to keep g0ing but I'm done with small t0wns, except for the small t0wn girls! So what else sucks about small t0wns?

n0tatalker 39M

5/2/2006 1:57 pm

    Quoting rm_MariGrrl:
    Small towns kinda wig me out too. Everyone waves when you drive by (or just stares). It's like something outta children of the corn.

    BTW, here you go... marigrrl
Oh! I needed that... Uh yeah n0one waves in Walla Walla unless you're hair is on fire and they're tryin' to fan it. The girls stare and the guys mean mugg.!

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