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7/12/2006 7:55 am

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I arranged 2 meet cheatingman1966 again ( who i can now reveal is called Mark ) with the promise that "he could use me in anyway " . He agreed & all he asked was that i wear long boots with jeans & a short jacket ? & be at the car park of the Hesketh Arms at 10.30 Wednesday morning . As soon as i saw him i was apprehensive he was there in a leather suit with 2 crash helmets stood next 2 a motorbike which is my worst nightmare come true . Those of you that HATE rollercoasters n stupid so called FUN rides will know exactly how i felt ! With what seemed like an hours tuition & a speach about it being safer that flying we were off , i admit it while moving i never opened my eyes so i saw very little of our journey , we were in the countryside i know that & eventually we stoppped . Were late getting here so we will have 2 be quick he said removing my helmet he helped me over a small wooden gate & round to the side of a secluded wood & told me 2 quickly strip off ! which without hesitation i did . He watched me undress then told me 2 leave my kickers on & put your boots back on girl ? At all times remember i'm here , trust me & say nothing he said , pulling out several plastic rope ties & a small silk bag ( which i have since found out is for the storage of his motorbike helmet ) . He loosely binded my wrists raising them up and attached them 2 a branch above me then forcing me against the trunk of the tree . Remember at all times i'm here , trust me u wll enjoy this & say nothing he said pulling the bag over my head . He was still there i could hear him breathing , funny how when one sense is removed the others become more accute 2 their surroundings , in the distance i could here sheep making well sheep noises & a distant motorbike . That bike seems 2 be getting closer ! , not another word he said remember the conditions . I could feel goose bumps all over my body as i heard the bike roar 2 a halt nearby . Then Marks voice "remember not a word" , footsteps approached then Mark said " put your gloves back on , no touching & not a word " . Then gloved hands parted my legs & i could feel smooth skin between my legs licking at my wetknickers ...oh my god it took all my strength just 2 stand there biting hard on my lip I CAME with a shudder , then again , WOW i could feel my jucies begining 2 run down my inner thigh . "RIP THEM OFF" said Mark & gloves pulled at my knickers till they were torn & hanging from 1 leg & then a face was pushed deep into my pussy licking & probing with its tongue i came again & let out a little moan of delight . Thats enough 4 today said mark .... WHAT .....I'M THINKING ! WHATS ENOUGH!.........I'M FUCKING RAMPANT! ....I HAVE NEVER EVER FELT LIKE THIS .....IF THEY REMOVE THIS FUCKING BAG AND THERES AN ARMY HERE I'LL FUCK AND SUCK THE LOT OF EM !.......I again bite on my lip & listen as 1 bike starts a muffled voice say thanks 4 that & a bike roars off . Footsteps come closer a hand on my wrists removes the ties , i stand there not knowing can i speak ? can i remove this bag ? I stand there & listen to somebody undressing , the noise of velcro as boots are removed then a gentle guiding hand as i'm lowered down onto the grass , a hand plays with my erect nipples as fingers probe at my ever so wet pussy , then wet fingers run across my bumhole & start 2 play with my tight lttle hole .2 fingers are firmly pushed into my pussy as 1 is eased up my ass slowly probing me. Then i'm turned over & pushed onto all 4's & his hands are all over my ass pulling my cheeks apart he slips his cock into my pussy & thrusts hard straight in . I can't help myself as a shiver runs down my back & a pulse from my pussy tells him i've cum again , he pulls his cock out & gently pushes the head of his cock into my ass then stops ! a split second passes then i start 2 push backwards on 2 his cock i want it all in me i want 2 be fucked hard in my ass now & with this slow penetration that i induce myself his thrusting starts again , pounding my ass , pushing , probing harder & harder i'm wet & so close 2 coming again i let slip " there is nothing better than cock in your ass " & with that i cum . I'm thrown onto my back the bag removed from my head & Mark straddles over my head " your turn 2 lick now " pushing his bum to my mouth , i greedily lick his hole wow i've never done this before & i so want more of this! i can't believe how hot i feel , how horny , dirty , yet fullfilled ! I can just about see his hand wanking his cock furiously then he stands up & shoots his load over me it hits my cheek , neck n tits mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i keep staring up at him as he smiles this beautiful warm smile at me then i wipe the cum from my face with a finger & lick the finger clean ........................ I can hear a bell in the distance .......... its the end of round 2 .

T_A_B_75 41M

7/12/2006 2:09 pm

I guess that answered my question. You would just go with the flow. Nice story, round three here we come.

rm_goldenshot 73M

7/13/2006 8:41 am

mmmmmmmmm want it all without the bike ride? lol >>!

Shabsu 58M  
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7/18/2006 4:06 pm

I'll second that, just go with the flow in everyway whichway you can

rm_1ladyowner 41M
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7/21/2006 12:46 pm

Speechless!!!! xx

rm_stevie806 41M

3/30/2007 7:53 am

wow !!!!

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10/28/2007 5:51 am

can anyone tell me where the end of the line is so i can join in

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