Sexy Single Bi Females  

mystyq 46M/51F
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3/3/2005 1:18 am

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7/1/2006 9:34 am

Sexy Single Bi Females

Sometimes on nights when I have insomnia...much like tonight...I cruise AdultFriendFinder looking for Sexy Single Bi Females to join us.
Why is it I can find them...write to them... sometimes they even write back, not very often tho...but can never meet them?
Can someone point me towards the real SBF's in the Houston area?
I would so appreciate it
Mrs Mystyq

Have a great night and wet dreams sexy friends

NowServing694U 45M/45F

9/17/2005 7:13 am

WOW...this sounds all too familiar. When we started doing this we went to the swingers clubs nauseum and had mixed results. We then started to hit some of the straight bars and had a lot of success. We would see a single lady or even a few sitting together and intro ourselves, buy a round of drinks and the wife would do most of the talking. Sometimes the girl was bi or bi-curious and it was an easy task, other times she was more looking for a man that night and did not have a problem experimenting with the wife for the sake of having her need for a man sated, but due to the wifes talents, not only enjoyed herself but discovered her own latent bi-sexuality. We now have built up long term friendships with a few single bi-ladies, though it did take some time. One of our favorite haunts for such fun is the Sam's Boat in the Woodlands, the HOP used to be good as well, but we have not been there in quite a while. We'll be sure to send an invite to our next pool/house party as we normally have a few single bi-ladies attending and a sexy couple as yourself would be a welcome addition~smile~.

NowServing694U 45M/45F

9/22/2005 7:24 pm

LOL...Actually it is "The" Hop. A club on the corner of Kuykendahl and FM 1960. We haven't been there in more then a few years, but it used to be a good place for us.

Hope you guys are staying safe and out of harms of Hurricane Rita.

And we WILL send an invite to the next pool party, even if if it's just us 4

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