Fantasy 3  

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7/11/2006 10:55 pm

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Fantasy 3

I see you standing there with your back to me. You don't know I'm there. I approach you. Gently touching your shoulders. I start to kiss your neck. As my hands slowly slide down your sides. My finger tips just barely caress your nipples as my hands slide downward. As they approach your hips they wrap around your tummy. My left hand starts to go down under your panties, as the right hand goes up the front of your body under your shirt. I am still kissing your neck. My left hand travels all the way down as my right hand slides up in between your breasts. My left hand starts to rub your sweet spot back and forth slowly. As I am nibbling on your neck. My right hand starts sliding under your bra, caressing your breasts, rubbing your nipples in a circle. With my left hand I slide 1 finger inside you slowly. I slide it in and out as it rubs gently on your clit. I can feel you move to my touch, softly moaning getting very wet. I pull my hands back and slide your shirt up over your head. Kissing you on the back down to your hips I pull your skirt off slowly as I kiss and nibble on the small of your back. I pull your skirt down Sliding it to your feet as I reach between your legs I start to rub you gently. Slooowly. Just right. OOOh you are so wet! I grab your hips and turn you around, gently licking your clit as you grab the top of my head. Running your fingers through my hair. As your moans fill the air. You clinch my head tight as your legs start to tremble. I run my wet tongue up, down, in, out. You moan even louder pushing my head into you. You cum in my mouth. MMMMMMMM you taste so good...


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