Mystic's Adventure  

mysticmonty 41F
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10/18/2005 6:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mystic's Adventure

I think everybody's idea of an adventure is different, just like almost in everything else. I am not the sporty adventurer, who seeks the hightest mountain and deepest sea type-o-person so, I wouldn't dare dream of that kind of adventure. So, hurray to you err..fastsex over your achievements *wink*

Troyx >>> SPG, I like the style of writing, not about women who like white men, and I don't think they are all sluts. If you've read my earlier posts, then you'll know why. Let's not go into that, as it really doesn't come to anything, just as our beliefs and ideas,because we are all different.Yeah, we all want to be noble and it's just an intention, like you said but I'm talking about action. Doing something that makes the slightest difference. We should all stop thinking about BIG things and start small.

TopsyTurvy >>> Yes, I do like Monty Pyton. LOL
Still have no comments on your blog. Haven't the time.

My attention span is gradually gaining momentum, as I figure things to write about. I remember to remind myself to respond to a few earlier comments.

Funny how we always think about the superlatives when it comes to achieving or simply doing something, like our country, we want to build the tallest, longest, widest, blah blah blah...but why can't we just clean up our bloody toilets! Now, that's a start.
Our eeeky toilets are just so pathetic that I cannot go on talking about it or else I'll lose my appetite completely, for the whole day. I get really terrified when I have but no choice to go to these shitty places. Fyi, I am a clean freak, slightly OCD, as my friends would label me. heheheh...
I remember a friend from abroad asked me why we had to pay 20 cents to enter the toilets at a local shopping place, and it is sadly, shockingly very dirty. How much do these people collecting money get in a day, just sitting there? I don't know and perhaps that's what makes us different.

It's interesting to know that readers would actually want to know more about me in my writing. My profile not good enough, I know some wouldn't even bother with profiles here.

Let's start with little adventures, I'm planning to go travelling, and making this an adventure where I hope to write about well...almost everything that I will experience, which I'm sure will be a totally enlightening one. An adventure for me, right now, is to see and experience other cultures and of course, food.
I've never travelled alone so doing this alone would be an adventure for me. I want to write about all the things I will encounter in my travels and this writing itself is something I've always wanted to do, write. A recollection and reflection on myself and the world around me in my little travels.

hhhmmm...anyone want to be my travel companion?

mysticmonty 41F

10/18/2005 6:08 pm

highest, not hightest. sorry for my typo error there folks!

2xTwiceShy 51M
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10/18/2005 8:22 pm

If you travel with a laptop, and keep me posted as to your daily encounters, I could really use a vicarious vacation right about now. And don't forget the pictures! I'd like to see where we went!

rm_troyx 39M

10/19/2005 1:26 am

Well, mystic - it keeps me wondering how mystical you are...

that aside travelling and adventure is definitely my cup of tea. One of the best thing I find in travelling alone is the anticipation of meeting new people which, me being a guy, couldn't help but to hope that it ends up to be a great sexual liaison.

It does happen and it has happened though not as frequent as I hope it to be. Anyway where do you intend to go? I don't mind going for a trip anywhere just that advance notice would be required.

On the subject of SPG well like I said it is my personal view and therefore I shall not impose it on anyone and I digress.

I would personally love to go to Indo-China as I have never been there but having been to all those exotic islands in Thailand - Lanta etc I know it would equally be fun albeit that it is not a beach destination. Love the beach.

So do let me know.

Fastsex33 42M
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10/19/2005 6:09 am

hi seem like my previous feedback had been erased.. anyway.. Mysticmonty, great job!
If you are into traveling do keep me posted.. i can be reach over at ..fast5ex with the site on yah00 okie... drop me a mail take it easy

mysticmonty 41F

10/19/2005 8:20 pm

The only feedback that I ever deleted was from that guy with the puny d**k, hehehehehhh...what a lousy pic, sad. So, fastsex, kindly view other posts and you can still see your reply, cuz' you're the only one who does the smileys here. Smileys are good, won't delete that. nooooooo.......

Troyx >>> Not interested in Asia at this point. You sound like you really enjoy your solitary travels, and bodily adventures! LOL
Keep it going *wink*

I think maybe I will travel alone too, bit risky for a girl but the idea is not that bad afterall. First time for everything.

Ok, back to work now, grrrr....

Fastsex33 42M
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10/20/2005 7:55 am

hahah... sure lady..hmm maybe miss out in the submition anyway.. so which part of the world u are targeting?
Tibet? Middle East? Mainland China? Europe? America(N/S)? or??N/S pole? hahahahah.... just joking .. so where u like to go.. btw can i directly contact u? Not for physical thingy...

mysticmonty 41F

10/20/2005 7:53 pm

Troyx >>> I haven't yet decidd where I want to go, but definitely Europe. I'm not much of a sun beach person y'see.

Fastsex >>> eeerrrrr....kindly send me an email with pic, then I'll consider...hehehehhh...if you've read my profile, you'll know why.

Back to work...*sigh*

lick_u_make_ucum 43M

10/23/2005 4:48 pm

Its nice to see a woman wiling to go on an adventure like that its rair and i think it says allot for y'r determination and character. I've just come out of a 15yr relationship and i'm ready for some adventure I wanted to go on holiday next year and u've given me an idea for the kind of holiday its going to be. the last time i went round europe i was 16 saved up by working in mc donalds and got a europian train was great met loads of people slept on afew hotel roofs (it was cheeper lol) sometimes train stations loved it. of course it would be a bit more sophisticated this time arround but its just what i need right now. thanks for the idea

rm_jeanquille 42M

10/27/2005 3:32 am

Hello Mystic,

I am happy you didn't let the buggers disgust you to write, and still thirsty for adventure as I can see lol.......

I just came back from the Maldives Island, I don't know if you can qualify it as an adventure as there is not much else to do than sun bathing, eating, swimming, diving, sleeping and going to spa.
After arriving in Male, the capital, it was a 2 hours and half trip in boat to Fushi island, a 2 sq KM island of white sand, hotel facilities very natural and bungalows on piloties as rooms. A real feeling of being Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" sometimes till you grab the room service menu of course lol.
It was really something to dive with the Manta Raye, some of them HUGE, and see play with them as they like to turn and loop around divers, the hammer heads feeding was far more thrilling as the bastards are so accustomed of it than they come to eat in your hands, fortunately they were small ones, you can see the big ones hunting at rising tide, outside the island reef ring, from the the beach.

Anyway, I will be going to visit Luang Prabang in a week and half with some friends, as I have to clear my holidays on my boss request, if the boss say so let's go >>>>

How about you Mystic when do you plan to go, there is plenty to do in Europ and each season have is lot of discovery.
On my part I plan to go back home next spring, from mid May to mid June or end of July, is yet to be conformed, still early to say how the business is going to turn, but will be happy to drive you around in case you are lost ;-p

Take care and don't spend too much in travel book.


Fastsex33 42M
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11/7/2005 7:33 am

Hi.. sorry for the long delay...hmmm why need photo? Sorry i didn't really go to read ur profile.. i'm sorry... :cheer

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