La mer  

mysticmonty 41F
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8/22/2006 10:04 am
La mer

My mind is racing and my fingers cannot quite follow. As I slowly filter the voices inside my head,....stop.

I sometimes ask myself or wonder what others are thinking about, even when I feel I shouldn't disturb their thoughts but I honestly could't resist.

When being asked the same question, "What are you thinking about?", my first brain reaction would normally be, why do you ask me that?
And, without thinking, I'd reply, "Nothing."
Hardly so - depending on the situation and whom I'm with.
Someone once told me that, everybody thinks of something every time (not the exact words, but as I understood it). True.

Still, I remember a time when I was actually not thinking about anything. I was at the beach. I was looking at the sea, the waves, horizon and into the clear blue sky. I wasn't thinking, but just staring. I remember listening. And, feeling so calm.
I didn't think why the sea looked grey, or the waves were small and low,...nothing like that.

Now, I’m still thinking of what to write.
What are you thinking about?

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