Birthday countdown  

mysticmonty 41F
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10/2/2005 1:10 am

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Birthday countdown

Never thought my first blog would be here in AdultFriendFinder. I checked out other bloggers and there're just so many subjects to write about and themes going on, and of course I wanted my blog to be interesting enough that people would want to read and hopefully, write something.

I gave this (blog subject)some thought and finally decided, why limit to writing just on a particular theme when you can write just about anything. And, what more interesting to write about than your own life. I'm not saying my life is more interesting than others but to actually start writing, why not start with myself and things I know most, i.e. me and the world around me. Perfect! Maybe then, after reading you will know me better.

Here I am sitting with my laptop, music's playing, Here is Gone, beautiful Sunday and I don't have a care in the world. I will be a year older tomorrow, hmmm...birthdays, my birthday.
Just another day I suppose, just a reminder that I'm older and hopefully, wiser. Not.

What do I want for my birthday...for it not to be just another day, ordinary and somewhat predictable? Maybe I'll be a bit lucky this year.
Who knows, right?
Something tells me it will be just like before.
Moving on to something more interesting before you start to yawn now, while reading.

I've always wanted to be a good writer, believe me. But I always end up writing shitty stuff and nothing serious, which is such a shame, really because I think I can do much better than this.
I've written poems before but only for my own pleasure. If someone were to read it, they'd probably think, no. I've never felt so relaxed and happy than when I'm writing down my thoughts, whether it's good or bad, mostly for myself but now here, as a blog, it's strange but I want to write, knowing that perhaps nobody would read it *hahahah* or somebody would. It's this wonder that makes me want to write things here as a diary. Be it for myself, to vent out whatever I'm thinking, and babble on or for someone out there interested enough to want to continue reading after the first few lines.
Err..if you've read till here, thank you!
And would still want to continue reading,...
you've made my day!

People online here, in AdultFriendFinder, are mostly about and for sex but not all. I'm here because I'm curious. About what, you say? How do these sex craved people (if, and mostly are) project themselves and advertise themselves? What and how do people offer-give themselves sexually and who are these people? It's amazing how so many people want sex and are not discreet about it, meaning, posting pictures of themselves, etc.
Discreet relationships, yes, maybe. A group of sexually liberated people who are not not afraid or without inhibition to express themselves.

It is a place to escape and express my sexuality and behaviour. This is what AdultFriendFinder does for me. None of the people whom I know, would ever think I would venture to this site, adult in nature and create a blog!? I come from a good family, educated and well behaved, traditional chinese, but still open minded to accept new changes and lifestyles but somehow, not entirely liberated.

I am chinese and everyone would want me to end up marrying one, period. But the reality is, I am never into my own kind. Eversince I was a child, I'd be interested in anything Western. Mainly because, I was brought up in an English speaking family, educated in an English school and never had friends who spoke non-English, until I was a teenager. I had a difficult teenage life, adjusting to other chinese friends.
Boys who liked me, were often afraid to speak to me. It was frustrating.

People say I'm the banana type girl, yellow on the outside, white inside. I never deny that.
I can't change what I am. I don't expect people to understand me, in this sense. Some people say that if you get involved with a white guy, you'd end up hurt or played, of course I know the possibility of that happening but does this mean, if I marry a chinese or asian guy, I won't?
I doubt it.

Till, this very day, I've not changed my selection of the type of guy I want to be with.
My profile read Caucasian guys ONLY, but still others knock on my door. Perhaps if they read English well enough, they won't. Sad and sarcastic. I'm an arrogant bitch sometimes, and the one thing that turns me off completely is horrendous grammatical mistakes and bad speaking skills. Tsk tsk tsk.....

Another day, another birthday, another year, but the same preference in guys.

Happy birthday to me.

fwolfc 43M
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10/2/2005 4:08 pm

Well fancy that, my birthday is on the 3rd too.... Funny, I'm begining to think we are more alike then we would like to admit.

For one...I'm wondering what the big fuss about my birthday is, yet I sit here browsing the adult personals....

Yeah...I'm choosy too.... I have a big thing for chinese gurls but I hate the way they talk... the search for an eloquent and articulate chinese girl will drive me to the grave....

But enough of all that shite.....

Here's to you and me and our next entry.... *it rhymed!*

Happy Birthday

mysticmonty 41F

10/2/2005 6:06 pm first response. A good sign. I must say that after hitting the post button, I wondered if anybody would actually be bothered with my blog. Then, after awhile, it became ohh..whatever.

Yeah, I suppose we are choosy for our own reasons, if not, what does that make us! Ordinary? Shheeshh...

I do not want a mediocre life.

Now, that shite you mentioned is something I could talk about. The way you hate chinese gurls talk is the same(probably worse), for me when it comes to listening to a guy talk and literally killing the English language itself. I mean, it's different when a foreign person speaks, grammatical as it may but always nice to listen to, unlike our fellow asians (malaysians).
It's pathetic. I've had people talk to me and sounding shall I put it? They sound so cheena?!(chinese) as my friend would nicely put it. It just gets to my nerves.
Either that or, they try to sound so western and fail miserably at it. I'm like PUH-LEASEEeeeee... what are you going to do today?

I counted down to my birthday, stayed up till 2am this morning,alone. Well,err....not really, I had my never ending assignments with me, gggrrrr....
In fact, I greeted my wonderful morning with assortment of readings and papers lying beautifully on my table, and a cup of coffee.
So, I will be stationed here for a long while.

Hey, Happy Birthday to us eh?

mysticmonty 41F

10/3/2005 11:09 am

Few things to tell you but definitely NOT think about, especially after reading your comment.

1. Is there such a thing as apeing to be or trying to be more white than white folks? Clearly you have to know that, there is a striking difference between those who mimic and those who are innately just the way they are. Obviously you got lost and confused there. Hhmmm...

2. I don't care what the white men generally want, I only care about what I want. If by chance these wants meet, then they'll be two less lonely people in the world...

3. Surprise myself here, eh? Nah, takes a whole lot more to surprise me that this lame site.

4. Who is the goody chinese girl you're talking about? Errr...your cheena girlfriend??

5. No...God is not the only one who knows what well educated means. I reckon there're many people who knows the meaning as well. You need a dictionary dude? Tsk tsk tsk...

6. You're a confused SOB, cun't spell and yes, you are no expert indeed. Do ALL respected families DON'T talk or engage in sex, you ask? Wow, I won't even bother answering.

And oh, that pic of yours, ermm...cum on, spare us.

mysticmonty 41F

10/4/2005 12:11 am

The vagina is the world's best rehabilitation center. Even the most violent and aggresive penis, comes out humbled, head bowed and reduced in size.

rm_hsm838 59M
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10/5/2005 11:44 pm

well said on para 6 and i do subscribe to your statement or comment. english is never my 1st language and please do pardon my grammars, etc, etc....these are the comments i have always told to my teaching professors.

being educated always bring evils to one's mind as we tend differentiate, comments, ridicules, feel superior, bias, etc. it is nothing wrong but it's in you....i guess your upbringing and environment moulded you what you're today. by and large most asians viewed caucasians more superior,fun, understanding, etc...especially our local girls. for the caucasians to be at upperhand was beacuse we have been learning from them and aspiring their most local girls would kneel before them to do whatever it takes to get near them. this's life in asia!! like i said, it is not a sin to behave in such a manner but do hope our local guys will learn to live and accept with this kind of socail trend.

i have had lived and worked with caucasians for many years, some are good, some are bad, some are intelligent, some are village idiots...comparable to our locals except they are more articulate which is their winning point in any conversation for our local girls to fall head over heel for them. Some caucasians are sincere but most of them exploit the situation after learning how our local girls fall easily for them. life is very fun in asia as you can pick and choose to f*** local asses with only buying a few drinks......for those guys who marveled these kind superiority...pray hard to god to make you a caucasian in your next life...good luck to you, lol!

the best part in life is to fall in love....nothing matters except to look into one another's eyes while holding and feeling the warmth of your hands. my best analogy of in love is like enjoying a chewing is so sweet, soft and pleasant to chew at the very beginning...slowly it will become hard and bitter...when the time is right, you will have to spit it out!! getting into a good relationships is an art and very little of science.....which means all of us need to be very creative.

sex is one very big part of our physiological needs. the more tension and stress you encountered the higher the need for released "body tension"...i wonder whether there is such a scientific term. if one thinks that you can get free sex in here, think again. nobody likes to get f*** for not special reason unless your sexual urges are coming out of your mouth, ears, noses and eyes...correct me if i am wrong! like avis says..try harder!!

this my 1st blog and i never thought i'm doing it here, of all the places!! but i like reading what you've written which gives me the spontaneous urge to share my 3-cent opinion. do whatever you deem fit and best but always have some soft-spots for the local guys like us, we can be fun, romantic, humourous and pain-in-the ass too, lol! we also would like to have some opportunities to make love with our local beautiful and brainy ladies rather than losing them to the caucasians without much valid reasons.

happy belated birthday to you, maybe the next one i get invited...keeping my fingers crossed! please don't let them stayed crossed for too long otherwise i need a surgeon to get them untangled. lol!lol! i can be very fun but in reality i am over-the-hill for you....i am looking at friendship with you if you don't mind this local guy.

ladies...can you share why are most of you so attracted to caucasians? enlighten us your emotional feelings so that we can tickle you more in the future.

the gum still tastes good, i have not spit it out yet until i hear from you!!!

mysticmonty 41F

10/6/2005 11:28 pm

The one thing I enjoy and appreciate is reading comments from people, spending a little bit of their time reflecting on what I wrote.

I agree that being educated makes a person different. How this person wants to be different is what makes us either a human being or a bastard. I personally would like to believe that people who have spent a reasonable amount of time educating themselves, are good people, with integrity and humbleness beyond the ordinary person. Realistically, it is quite the opposite.

I speak for myself here, so conceited, hehehehh...
I am educated, with knowledge I hope it makes me a wiser person. I hate show offs, especially among the educated elites, so disgusting.
The people I respect are those who are knowledgable and humble, very human and friendly. I have known and let people like that, only a handful. Yeah, I am educated but it doesn't make me very knowledgeable, because there is a difference between being educated and having the knowledge. I still have so many more things to learn and experience. I admit, I have judgements about most things but I learn to question and change these judgements through experiences over time. But one thing is for sure, I do not feel superior than others because I am educated. It's just a mindset most people have, without any consideration on personality, behaviour or attitude.

Ahhh...gwai loh's, I can talk forever about them. heheheh...
Few words that you used, that somewhat irks me. Kneeing in front of caucasian guys, f**kin' after a few drinks? Now, isn't this what local guys are so jealous about, wondering how to they do it, don't do it and still get all the attention, no effort made, curious and jealous to a certain extent? Local guys, have such words to use and perceive their local girls who are into caucasian guys, because it makes them feel less inadequate? Could it be? I do not know.
Maybe they are local guys who can turn girlies life around the same way as the caucasian do. I don't know,and honestly I don't care.
I just like gwai loh's, that's it.
Reasons for me to know, no point sharing it here as we all know, no matter what I say,write about, there will be those who will judge and question my preference. I don't feel it any necessary to explain myself to strangers.

Not all gwai's are so happening and great as you local guys might think. I am sure we girls know it too. You can detect girls who are with caucasian who are basically out for sex, a bunch of low lifes, really and those who are with causasians who are intelligent, well-mannered and an absolute gentleman. Thos girlies you described, kneeling to the white men, readily accepting and all too eager, belong to a particular group of girls, never to be associated with another breed of females who are almost at the same level, be it intelligence or professionally, with these caucasians. Those who want liberation and seek to define themselves in a special way.
They do not f**k just ANY gwai loh, of course they go for drinks and all that, who doesn't? But being seen with one, and f**kin' one are two distinct realities.
I say I speak for myself here, which breed do I belong to? I don't need to justify myself.

Funny, but it happens all the time, you'll see some local girlies feeling this thrill being seen or arm tugged to a gwai. I don't know about you, but I am totally disgusted with such stooopid girls. You can tell by the way they look, so arrogant and mighty, you begin thinking what the hell did they do the night before eh? hahahah...
Local guy, don't fret, don't even wonder why some girls dig caucasians so much. It's just the way it is, like life, some things are just the way they are. Simple. Instead of wondering, possibly what you're missing out or lacking, why not focus at some local girlies who dig local guys eh?

Errr...I think you better spit that chewing guy? Don't choke on it yea? Yeah, we can be friends, why not. Anyone who replies is a friend, even if you have shitty thing to say, no problem, you're just another shitty friend, but still a friend. Hehehe...

Oh, don't like me too much, I already have someone. And yes, he is caucasian.

mysticmonty 41F

10/6/2005 11:47 pm

F**k, I hate it when I make grammar mistakes. Previous entry.

rm_hsm838 59M
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10/10/2005 12:27 am

by hearing what you have said, we have two different understanding and perception of having gwailos. one is serious and the other is fun. but the very beginning i didn't know you have differentiated them as you merely said how much you preferred gwailos.....which i did mentioned that it was nothing wrong to behave and feel that way. i guess the website we are in matters as you may not be able to draw your line very clearly. u may have to put more effort to differentiate yourself from the girlies. i am not trying to be very imposing but the facts remain.

seeing our local gals with gwailos have never irked me or made me feel jealous. it is their rights to pick whoever people they like, i respect their decision. please share your thoughts....what makes you think that your doing is unlike the girlies......and how's that your gwailo is better than the others? where and how do you think our local girls can get their targets?? you may have gone through the same road as them but have more or less arrived at your targetted destination, please excuse if i'm wrong,lol! in a way i do feel that you're bias in your thought

i'm sorry if i have said any shitty things about you, it has never been my intention to take-on anyone personally. after so many years of life experiences, perception and understanding kill!! some people see a glass of h2o half filled and some at half emptied!! to be your friend is merely a good friend...nothing more. you may change your mind if i have MJ's wealth which may turn me real white,lol! it is not easy to keep the engine running when you have a much younger partner, hahaha!

it has never crossed my mind to like you as both of us are two different animals. to be friend is okay...some chewing gums are not meant to be in the mouth for long,lol! glad to hear that you already have a gwailo at hand......the best part of life is to be in love!

we are in here for one reason or another and i have always wonder what is the success rate of getting to meet one another for the saucy fun. hope that some of you guys are able to share your success stories, if any. i guess there are alot more cockteasers than do'ers.....even if i get a chance i will have to think more than twice as you never know what you are in for,lol! what say you guys or gals?

mysticmonty 41F

10/10/2005 8:23 am

hsm838, after reading your comment, I must confess I am confused? I don't quite get your point(s). I might be too tired tonight to understand fully what you're trying to impress on me. But first, I need to clarify some questions asked.

You said the following:-
what makes you think that your doing is unlike the girlies......and how's that your gwailo is better than the others?

Well, first of all, I do not think my doing is like the other girlies because I do not behave like them, i.e. in your words, kneel before them to do anything to get near to them, and some other remarks. Secondly, I never claimed in any way that my gwailo bf is better than the others, even if he is, but I honestly don't remember making any comparisons between my bf and other gwais.

where and how do you think our local girls can get their targets??
Hhhmm...their targets? I assume you mean, fishing the gwais and using themselves as bait? I don't know where they shopped for them, really. I would like to think when they worked together in the same company for some time, went to the same university, shared an intellectual conversation, common interest, socially introduced at a party, mutual attraction, etc. What do you think?

My thoughts are biased in this case, mainly because there are different types of girls associated with these gwais, not everyone of them belong to the same group. I thought of all people, you would understand this point?

I really do not see a point in magnifying this gwai loh vs. local guys as I am not trying to be superior or intimidating just because I have a gwai bf. Anyone can chose or be chosen for any reason deemed logical to the people involved. I am not creating a scene here whereby I ridicule without any reasoning. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and I'm merely stating mine. I do not expect people to agree with me.

And, which glass am I? The half full or empty one? You got me confused there, really., of course you won't like me, most local men cannot stand my being sarcastic and blunt. This is a fact. Hahahahahah...they always think I'm putting on a front, or trying to be too independent, out-spoken and basically, they don't like the challenge.

Please do keep your comments coming, I'm sure with your experience and glass almost full, you can entertain and enlighten us with what you have to say.

rm_hsm838 59M
4 posts
10/10/2005 6:57 pm

you are a very strong lady who bites tightly with what you have advocated even others have their opinions to share. i may not be totally wrong and you're neither totally right but yet two educated animals do not seem to get to the right frequency of thoughts. i guess i may be less educated than you to make you so confused, hehehe! lets blame it that you're burnt-out today and tired with a plate-full day. have a good rest!

i guess some of the things i have said may have agitated your emotions/moods while reading them. to reiterate, i have never against our local gals having gwailo as bf or friends as i duly respect each individual's doing. it is you that have categorised the grouping (girlies & yourself) that gives me a new understanding perspective of how you ladies feel within the grouping. the simple fact is when you're with your gwailo bf in the public, no one knows exactly how your relationship come about except the public opinion is either party got hooked somewhere in the bistro, etc, etc. of course, you don't give a damn what others think but right now both of us are sharing some opinions and thoughts which you may like or dislike hearing them. thats why i have brought out the perception analogy of half-fill and half empty. i guess we have enough of the gwailo episode unless you have new development to share.

people today are alot more vocal, demanding, selfish and less forgiving cos' they have all gone thru the serious schools of thoughts. you may be a bit self-centred to put yourself into the limelight of the "extra-ordinaria". hehehe....pardon me! i got the feeling that you are a very egoistic person with alot of good life and successes. you can be a good friend if anyone can strike your softspot but the challenge is you will always play hard to get as you've this superior attitude and mind-set due to your upbringing. hey, this is my opinion, ok!

tell me, what tickles you other than your gwailo bf? so far any luck...get what i mean? i'm not trying to insinuate anything and you never know unless you ask,! take confusion again to walk-away from sharing the answer, lol!

i don't like you is cos' i'm over the hill but rather choose friendship instead. in fact, we are the related-breed otherwise i will not be responding anymore. no man here will want to waste time on you if they find you hard to get whereas i quite different from most of them. on the boastful note, i'm more diplomatic than you which i strongly feel that you will protest in your next note, if any!

i have posted some questions earlier but nothing seems to be forthcoming. it looks like only both of us are talking, the rest must be very busy hunting, lol! the gangbang fun must be real hot out there, what say ye?

mysticmonty 41F

10/10/2005 11:11 pm

Strong lady indeed, and to the lucky few, I am vulnerable, adorable and sweet, just like the first kiss when you're in love.

I shall leave your comments aside and move on to other more important things. What tickles me? Many things.

Right now, I just want to f**k my brains out, get into this ultimate high and sweat with safisfaction. Being completely honest here, hell it's my blog and you people, strangers are invited to catch the inner workings of my little mind.

Everyone loves a good shag, and don't go denying it.

Well, many other things tickle me in different ways.

I need to have an epiphany to go on.....

rm_hsm838 59M
4 posts
10/12/2005 11:56 pm

i like the way you hard-sell yourself, proud, bold and upfront...the character of a strong lady....take or leave it,lol! men seem to have shorter memories than women as i don't have vivid recalls of the first kiss while in me "in love" is plural,lol! moreover the hard texture and bitterness of the gum have overruled the former sensational feeling!! wait till you're at my age, hahaha! and don't get me wrong as my relationship with my soulmate is still going strong after all these years.

again i like your expression on para 3. bringing out your sensual desirous feelings of wanting to do the fun part of life....kudos to you! these can only happen in my fantasy dream/s as my life had alot more restriction than what you can do today. i'm very sure that every living human would like to rewind their biological clock to reminiscence or even to jump out of the box to commit the "sin",hehehehe! on the comforting thought i don't think you have done it either but rather an expression of feeling. not many speak the truth especially when you're in here....what say ye?

you're right that most of us would like to have a great shag but it's always the case of not getting it when you wanted it most. your achievement probability would be much higher than mine as per se, hahaha! a good shag for me would be jumping of of the box which i'm not brave enough at this point of time...a man with chicken heart,lol! most of us, be it women or men need new playing toy/s to push our adrenaline through the roof if you want a total rub-up & down...please share your opinion.

i some how feel my contribution to this blog here may not be very appropriate. what most people would like to reading would be saucy stories to reconfirm their fantasies, and also getting opportunities to get real, if any,lol? i don't think i will ever be successful in making out anything here as i'm not even a subscribed-member. what about you....any good/bad experience/s you would like to share? socially, i will take you as my mentor if you are willing...i know you have expensive and exclusive taste....i don't know i will get choked (not by the gum, hahaha) but by the approach in lifestyle of today's society of hanging out looking smart,lol!

you're welcome to drop me a line or two if you think i'm able to tickle you a very little bit (i don't mean sex but friendship) or vice AdultFriendFinder

have fun and don't be too naughty,lol!

rm_jeanquille 42M

10/13/2005 12:43 am


I think it is a bit sad the way you both choose to lead this conversation,exchange of thoughs and perspectives as your posts are teinted of a light bitterness or astringency (what ever the reason), but it was interresting, for me a gwailo, to read about a very asian way to think.

My different working experience around Asia made me see different aspects of the Local vs Foreigner in romantic relations. My general feeling about asian is that they are very romantic, sometimes excessively, the fact that there is now more girls willing to go with a foreigner is may be due to the changes of the local culture and the way people are adapting to these changes.
Why changes? because slowly ,but surely, your local cultures are overtaken by the western one, each new generation just want more of this new culture. Some countries arrive to manage it better than other due to their strong identity but intoxication from western countries is continue (Music, Movies, Magazines,...).

The result bring more greedyness among lower part of the population , then slowly move to the middle class etc etc etc......
Everywhere you look fashion, trend & luxury is there and some are ready for anything for a piece of it.

In Japan girls say: Gaijin, always so nice, always so romantic but Gaijin always leaving.
In Main land China they are very monnay oriented and often make no secret about it (I remember, in Shangai, a girl I was seeing told me that if I wanted our relation to progress I had to by her a Louis Vuitton bag....).
In Taiwan they are mostly willing to stay among themselves or willing to go with a japanese, for them westerner are not financially secure. Also for a lot of couples, the wedding is more an agreement enter 2 persons feeling good enter themselves to raise a family than sentimentaly, after they play a lot outside as nothing is happening anymore at home (in Karaoke or other "Men Clubs" filled with girls from Mainland China or charter of business men to China or Thailand (which they call among themselves "Fuck Tour", for this one I do believe that japanese business men are doing the same).
In Thailand, even if there is prostitution (even so I do believe that this country deserve the 1st price of honesty with themselves as prostitution is everywhere and take many form) from the low part of the population and which everybody heard about, there is also more and more students working the night in karaoke to earn this extra monnay to fullfill their thirst of fashion and trend. The men are enjoying having a pool of girls, 2 to 4 girls at the same time in which they will pick the one they like the most (letting the others hating themselves being so stupid), but since in Thailand AT LEAST a 1/3 of the male population is gay or Katoey, the local reality let them king of the situation.

Out of that, us men have to retain a lesson, which I believe local guy have to figure (no offense), is that women are now more than willing to enter in the active world, they want they share of it and no longer accept so easily to stay home, raise the kid, prepare the dinner and clean around (even if for some it's still their biggest goal) they want to be treated decently and not as a low class human being and this is also something from the western countries doing is way in their mind.

The most shocking and true thing I heard on this subject came from a sweet young lady working in my team in Taiwan:

"The real challenge here is to find a guy honest enough to not look at you as a "Pussy on feet" or "Future house wife at their order", so till then I take what I want and when they are too pushy I tell them "BYE BYE".

I hope I did not shock or offense anybody, just my thoughs base on my experiences.

So why the stone & the sword, because on these matters there is the ones who choose to be quiet like a stone and the ones sharp like a sword.

Anyway Saturday I will leave for the Maldives chase the Mantas Raye with my camera and get sunburn on the beach till my feet look like palm and my ass is filled with sand.


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