An interesting evening...  

mysticmonty 41F
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10/6/2005 12:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

An interesting evening...

The past couple days have been quite cruel to me, yea...they're good but, I wanted all the work behind me done and over with.

I was determined to go out,have a pleasant evening and recharge my batteries?
And, I did.

It's been awhile since I felt immensely free from my usual routine. I know life is what you make it but most times, life isn't all we would like it to be. If I had it my way, I'd make everyday an adventure.

I'm enjoying my blog, truly am. Wish more people would read and comment on them, so I'd know if what I'm writing makes sense to others, in that they can relate to me in some ways. Knowing I am not alone, is both nice and comforting.
As I said right from the start, my blog is my diary and I'm having a great time just typing away this very moment.

I am really happy today and I know why. It's one of those days that I'll always remember.
You're thinking sex, right? C'mmon, there's more than just sex! It's about being yourself, knowing yourself and feeling confortable with yourself enough to accept people positively and see them for who they are, not being cynical or judgemental.

Seeing a person for what and who they are is not easy. It takes time, a lot of time. And hopefully, along they way, they see you too.

Good night me. I will sleep like a baby tonight.

rm_Bufori 46M
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10/6/2005 9:08 pm

thr r many lines of thot - sex is just 1. When in AdultFriendFinder its diff not to tink sex, y else r we here?

But of course wen we relate back to real world, we have to b more practical..n controlled .uuurrrggghh!

rm_jeanquille 42M

10/8/2005 1:24 am

I like your blog Mighty Mistic, I find it very "easy to read" and really appreciate this "unliked" way you take when writing, almost like speaking about another person.
You keep the things quite in order or in an ordering disorder (when your temper take over your pragmatism), but does writing only about order?
It is true that you don't get much comments on your post, IMHO there is little things you can do about it as your style is to pragmatic and objective for most of the people here (no offense), unless you decide to cool down a little, but choice there is or there is not it is still up to you to write what ever you want and the way you want in your blog.

The question: What am I doing here?
I am just looking at other people blogs, hoping to find one day the courage to do one on my own, not that I have nothing to say but, actually, so many things that I don't know where to start and in which order as I am not so gifted in writing (out of cooking recipes........).

About AdultFriendFinder, what ever most peoples here think, there is all kind of persons, most come here to chase for a quick encouter but there is also some less direct and straight forward more in need of knowing better others before to meet up, or the one just coming in the chat room to tease.......

Everybody have a reason to come here abd it is not better than yours, and by the way do we need a reason......

Keep posting your spicy though.


rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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10/11/2005 4:57 am

Was so happy to find a gal who writes like a fella, i mean, most gals just write poems...u know, touchy feely outa-this-world or so-deep-into-my-vortex tantric stuff that basically doesn't give much room for a dialogue or an exchange. Not that i don't enjoy reading them.

Just wanted to welcome you to the club. There's so few of us here.
I for 1, never thought that i'd start a blog, and at a site like this of all places, chuckle.
I started my blog with the preparation to get hit left right centre.
But nobody responded initially. Just look at the number of responses the gals got compared to the guys. Sexual discrimination is what i call it. When a gal writes like an intellectual, everybody, i mean everybody including guys n dolls n inbetweens go ga ga over her. But when a guy writes a decent article and doesn't touch on sex he gets labelled as a dork. What else would u call it?
Wanted to post this at your 1st blog, but after the long exchanges between you and the gentleman...nah.
Wanted to do it at your 2nd posting, well, i got nothing to add to dark sexy places in a library, so no go, again.
Your 3rd posting...i dunno, just don't know what to say. I've written some stuff about what you experienced in my blog. Please read and comment, if you have the time.
FINALLY! This posting of yours seems like a good entrance for me.
So welcome dearie! You a fan of the Monty Python as well?
Mission accomplished.

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