late night at the diner!  

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late night at the diner!

It had been a long week of sleepless nights and tonight was no different. After hours of pacing the floor, flipping the channels and reading old fitness magazines, he finally decided to go out and drive around in hopes of tiring himself out.
He drove to a diner that was one of those late night places with the strange decor and sometimes even stranger people.
As he walked in, he noticed that the place was not very full...only a handfull of late night bar crowd, sipping their coffee trying to overcome their latest over indulgence. The place smelled of the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and pancakes. In the air hung the sounds of music from the jukebox. "lost in love" from Air Supply was playing in the background and he had to wonder to himself who else in here, if anyone, could relate to that song more than he could.
He took a seat in one corner that gave a view of the entire place and as he scanned the room, he noticed a beautiful pair of eyes looking back at him. She smiled and he smiled back just as the waiter came to take his order. "Coffee, but make it decaf and a bagel please" was all that he said as he continued to look over at this woman who's eyes pierced his soul and who's body could rival any runway model past or present.
"Late night" she said to him. "I've had a string of those you wouldn't believe" he said. "I have trouble sleeping and when I do, I sometimes come in here to "get away" from the four walls that seem to close in around me at my home". She smiled and nodded as if she understood what he meant and got up, coffee in hand, and walked over to his table. "Do you mind if I join you? I so hate to sit across a room and try to have a conversation with someone". "No" he said in surprise..."please sit down".
He expected her to take the seat across from him, but much to his surprise she placed herself right next to him in his booth. "hope you don't mind, but its much better to be close to talk than so far away" and then she smiled and laughed a laugh that was both sexy and seductive, yet innocent and shy!
They sat there, in that booth for hours talking about life, work, family and lost dreams and shattered promises. She was in a bad relationship with her husband and, that night they had had a fight and she walked out on him with words of hurt and rage. She talked about all the wasted years of her life in a marriage of "convienience" and comfort, but one lacking in respect, communication and intimacy!
He talked about his sleeplessness and how it all started when his wife had their last child. Oh, it wasn't so much the crying at all hours, or the late night feedings, but the lack of physical contact his wife now demanded. They had not had sex since his son was born nearly 18 months ago and, rather than lay in bed with his wife, he just didn't sleep.
As they talked they never once took their eyes off of each other except for a brief second here and there. Their eyes made that connection that their minds were just beginning to make. They would reach out and touch the others hand as they laughed or sighed, her legs would brush up against his under the table and would send sparks of energy up to his groin. She leaned in at one point and put her head on his shoulder and the scent of her hair and the feel of her breath on his neck was more intamacy than he had felt in a year and a half.
He'd wipe away a tear from her cheak as she told him about how useless and wasted her life was and, as he held her cheek in his hand he saw her blush and then nuzzle her face deeper into his caress.
Was this real? Could it be that these two strangers had become instant friends? It all felt so right, so natural and there was nothing that they didn't discuss in those hours just before dawn. Is it possible they thought, to be so connected to someone that you just met when you are so disconnected with those in your own home, your own family?
It was only when they told them that it was closing time that they noticed that they were the last two people in the diner. Three hours had passed by as only seconds and they had to leave their safe haven that was this booth.
Outside the diner they stood at her car and finished the conversation that got interupted inside. She leaned back against her car and he stood close to her, still looking into her eyes. Seeing the sunrise over the horizon, they knew that they had to say their farewells and sadness now invaded the place where joy just was.
He reached out and took her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it gently while looking into her eyes. "I am so very glad that I drove out here tonight" he said. "Meeting you has given me hope that there are still those people out there that can touch your soul in ways you thought were long dead." She smiled at him and moved in to give him a hugg. They embraced and, at that moment, the energy of a thousand suns engulfed both of them. "Thank you" she said, "I too am glad that I was here at this moment, at this place."
And then it happened...As if gravity took over they felt pulled towards each other and their lips connected in a soft, sensual kiss. He felt her tounge move across his lips and parted them as she kissed him even deeper. His arms pulled her in close and their kiss became more sensual, more passionate as their embrace tightened.
Pulling away from each other they just stared in amazement at what had just happened. "So, would it be wrong to ask if I can see you again" she said. "I was thinking that same thing myself. I don't want this moment to end, but if it must I want to know that there will be another." She took his hand and slipped a card into his palm. "Here, this is how you can get in contact with me. If you want to meet again, just let me know because..." "Because why" he asked. "Because I don't think that I'll be able to drive away from here if I wont ever see you again." He reached out, took her cheek in his hands and leaned in and kissed her soft lips ever so gently. "i'll be right here tomorrow night, same booth and the same time."
So, it was set. They would meet again the next day and that thought made them smile as she opened her door to go. Once more she leaned out and kissed him and they felt their desires in the very depths of their soul. "So, tomorrow then?" he said. "Yes, tomorrow! I'll be here...with YOU!" be continued....

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4/7/2006 2:15 am

wow..... the power of your words touch me to deeply... yet touch is too strong of a word... caress might be better. Two lonely souls seeking solace... then finding it... is there a better fairy tale??
Great writing... keep it up!

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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