What the F**K??  

mysticknight6935 50M
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8/10/2006 5:19 am
What the F**K??

Ok, it's been a long while since I've written anything here, mostly because I lost any inspiration to write. However, something I hear today gave me that inspiration again.
Today I talked to a person that I was building a friendship with who all of a sudden cut off any contact with me. Now, I'm not one to push issues or to butt my way in where I'm not wanted, so I shook my head at the email, wondered what I had said or done wrong, felt sorry that it happened but I didn't press.

I've come to find out that someone was telling this person that I had been saying things and had been forwarding emails to them (this unknown person) that were PRIVATE between this friend and myself about things we'd chatted about and said. Now, I don't know how anyone would get hold of these emails and chat conversations, because being the secure person that I am, I don't EVER save any emails or chat logs! The person that sent them to my friend, well, I'd only said "Hello" and "how are you" whenever I'd see them in the chat rooms but had no real reason to converse with them. NOR did I have that person's email address to be able to send them this private, personal information. They told this friend that I was "drunk" when they were talking to me and that's a lie, because I have not been drunk since 1990! I drink, yes, a glass or two of wine or beer, but I don't EVER let myself get drunk becuase a: i don't like not being in control of my own thoughts and actions and b: I see no purpose served by drinking to that extent and c: I have kids to think about and care for and the last thing I'd do in my own home is get drunk in front of them or with them in my home! That's also why I don't smoke nor do drugs because our kids mimic and copy our actions and I don't want my kids having those kinds of habbits!
What the FUCK is up with people that they need to pull crap like this and who's goal it is to try to sabotage a friendship between people?
Being only a standard member in AdultFriendFinder, I can't even view anyone profiles to be able to get email access that way, so how I was supposed to "forward" these things is a mystery.
Above everything I value my HONOR and my INTEGRITY especially when it comes to my family and my friends.
what has happened has put both my honor and integrity into question with this person to whom I was trying to establish a PLATONIC relationship/friendship! Did someone hack my computer? who knows but it could happen..I'm sure there are plenty of low life scumbags who hang out on the internet and in AdultFriendFinder chat rooms for just such a purpose. Personally, I can turn on a computer and do basic stuff with it so I wouldn't know how to block hackers unless it comes in a box for sale at the store!
Whatever the case may be, let it be said that I am REALLY PISSED OFF at whoever did this, EXTREMELY sorry and apologetic to this friend for what has transpired and very VERY weary of having anything to do with AdultFriendFinder or anyone in the chats from this point on.
Why the FUCK don't people just leave others alone and quit getting their cheap, illiterate, can't get a date so I'm gonna fuck people on line, I'm so boring even my hand falls asleep during masturbation, kicks at others expense!

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