The massage  

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The massage

The room is warm and comforting; the table stands in the center.
The soothing sound of water echoes from the fountain in the corner.
The smell of Lavender and Jasmine fill the air and calm fills your mind.
The lights are dim and cast a warm glow on the floor, walls and ceilings.
There are candles that flicker on shelves surrounding the room.
There is peace as you undress, lie on the table, and await the touch of a skillful hand.

You lie on the table, your mind and senses captivated by the atmosphere that surrounds you
You listen to the water cascading over the rocks and falling to rest in the pool below
You inhale the aromas that fill the room and watch the candle light flicker on the floor
You lay face down, naked and exposed, yet feeling as part of this room.

Peace fills your soul as you begin to drift off into that quiet place between waking and sleep
Relaxed and at ease, you allow yourself to let go and to drift deeper into the abyss of sleep
Barely awake, barely asleep you feel another presence enter the room and your heart beats faster
He is here!

Quietly you lay, eyes shut, and body tense and mind alert as you feel the presence of another near
No words spoken, no greetings exchanged.
You feel the warmth of the oil as it’s applied to your skin, a tingle moves over you
Skilled hands begin their methodical path over your body, kneading and massaging tight muscles
These hands, this touch is more than you expected as you feel your senses overload
Hands move up and down your back, massaging hard into the muscles but with the tenderness of care and skill
Every muscle, every worry being pulled and loosened, let go as if never existing.
Senses swirling, mind racing at the sensations that now captivate you
Giving yourself willingly to these hands that leave no part of your body untouched

Hours seem to pass where only minutes have gone and every care, every worry now in the past
No more tension, no more fear, and no more worries
Only the sensation of the fire that burns inside you now, the desire for more
The need to have your very senses exposed to all that surrounds you.fills you with desire

You roll onto your back, relaxed and excited about what’s soon to come.
The oil is applied to those skillful hands that now rest on your shoulders
Fingers kneading your chest, soft yet deeply, caressing your chest, moving down to your stomach
You feel the warmth of the oil as it glides over your thighs and the firmness of the hands that apply it.
Your breath escapes you in a gasp as feelings you were not expecting flood your mind
There is something erotic, something stimulating about hands so close, yet so far from where you desire them to be.
Down lower, over your calves they knead. Pulling and pressing the muscles to relaxation and release.

And then it is done.
How much time has past, minutes or hours you do not know.
Your eyes open for the first time and your mind is flooded with the sights that rush in.
The glow of the room, the smell of the air and the sound of the water surround you.
Breathing deeply you feel the soft touch of fingertips as they move up from your feet
Higher they trace every line, every curve of your body.
Fingertips move over areas sensitive to touch, sending a chill of passion into your mind.
Higher, softer as they move over your groin, your stomach and your chest.
Across your shoulders and down your arms they trace, soft and sensual

And then they are gone and you are alone with your thoughts, your desires and your passions
Your body relaxed, your soul rested and your mind in search of more
Every fiber of every nerve alert and on fire at what has just occurred
Sensual, but not sexual; Passionate in its own right

You dress, look around one last time taking in this place where you long to be again.
The scene is burned into your minds eye; the feelings now part of your soul
Again you shall see this room and again you shall feel those hands as they touch your flesh
You smile, knowing that when again you are here your desires will be fulfilled and you will know the answer to the question now burning in your mind: Can there be more?

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