The Awakening (fictional: for now)  

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5/3/2006 4:40 am

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The Awakening (fictional: for now)

I awake from a deep sleep, the deepest that i've had in a very long time. The dream that had been with me throughout the night was like none I had ever experienced before and I awoke as hard as I had been through the night.
Groggily I stumble to the bathroom, turn on the shower and step in to the steaming water. At first, its like any other day, any other shower, until i realize the stinging sensations that are surging through my body with every drop of water that hits it.
What is this? What is making this daily routine so painful? I turn off the water, step out of the shower and wipe the steam away from the mirror over the sink. It is then, and only then that I see the source of the stinging pain.
There across the full front of my chest and shoulders are the small, quarter sized bruises that dot my chest, neck and shoulders. Across the sides of my shoulders are deep scratches. Scratches also run the length of my back, down my arms and even across my thighs. These are not mere scratches because some are deep and the signs of bleeding are evident.
I turn to inspect the damage done to my body and see the criss crossed patterns of nail marks down my spine, teeth marks on my shoulders and bruises caused by the intense suction of lips to skin across my chest and neck.

Now, fully awake, totally aware it dawns on me that what i had last night was not a dream. It was as real as the marks on my body that would soon turn to small, faint scars of pleasure and pain. IT was no dream, it was no fantasy, at least not any more. It was real and it was erotic and it was intense. It was....a night like no other...... and it was YOU that made it a night I'll never forget!

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