Mile High Delight (Flight into Fantasy Continued)  

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4/25/2006 10:53 am
Mile High Delight (Flight into Fantasy Continued)

As she led him to the back of the plane, he looked around to see just how many passengers were still awake and how many of those that were awake gave him that knowing....or condemning look.
As they got to the back of the plane, the stewardess there just gave a knowing grin and continued about her business or preparing for arrival.
She opened the door and led them inside the very small, very poorly lit lavatory. "You've got to be kidding me" he said quietly, "there isn't enough room in here to even turn around, let alone have sex." She smiled over her shoulder at him as she took some paper towels from the dispenser and used them to wipe off the counter top and the seat. "Oh, There's PLENTY of room for what your going to do" she replied, and with that she turned to meet him and kissed him eagerly.
He could still taste his own seed on her lips and tongue and smell it on his breath, and, much to his surprise, this excited him and made his cock stand up and take notice. As they kissed he felt her fumbling around between them and stepped back to see what she was struggling with. She had her skirt already unzipped, but in the small space was having difficulty pulling it down. "Here, let me do that" he remarked and he began to slowly pull her skirt down and off of her feet.
There she sat before him, her bottom on the counter and her legs spread so that he could stand between them. He looked down at her seeing that she was neatly shaven with just the slight wisp of hair and he could see the glistening of her moisture on her lips.
"Go ahead" she whispered, "you said you wanted a was it you put from the source? We'll taste and see if its a sweet as you think." No further words needed to be spoken...he leaned forward and kissed her lips, sucking her tongue into his mouth as his finger tips traced up the insides of her thighs. At last his fingers found their target and as he kissed her with passion, as she sucked his bottom lip and bit it softly, he parted her lips with his fingers and felt that warm wetness that would soon be his to enjoy. He slipped his index finger into her and began to probe her, but the angle of his hand made it uncomfortable so he replaced that finger with his thumb and began to move it in and out of her, making her wetter and hotter with every movement. He flicked his thumb across her clit and heard her gasp and suck in a deep breath of air as he applied pressure to her ever swelling button. Yes, he wanted to taste her, to devour everything that she had to give to him...but he wanted to prime her make her eager to feel his tongue enter her.
He had to wait only a few seconds more as he soon felt her hands on his shoulders pushing him down between her thighs. Her feet were pressed against the wall opposite of the sink and her legs were spread as wide as the small compartment would allow. "Please" she begged "I want to feel your breath on me, your tongue inside of me." As she pushed him lower and lower, he traced his tongue down her stomach and across her left thigh, at that junction where the leg and the hip meet to form his target. She could feel the heat of his breath on her wetness and it caused her to shiver.
Ever so softly he placed the tip of his tongue against her clit....circling it gently at first, tracing small circles around its tip..then running the full length of his tongue up against it...applying just enough pressure to arouse her and make her start to wiggle on the seat.
Damn she tasted wonderful! What he had sucked off of her fingers only moments ago in the cabin was nothing compared to what he was now savoring. His mouth sucked her clit into it and held it between his teeth as he flicked it with faster and faster movements of his tongue. He'd suck her clit until she started to wiggle and moan and then, he'd let it slip down between her lips and lap up the juices that were now flowing in steady streams out of her.
He pushed it into her as far as he could and held his mouth firmly against her while his tongue explored every aspect of her..inside and out. Her hips began to shake and her feet came down off the wall and were soon wrapped around his head, pulling him even harder onto her. "Oh, OH GAWD" he heard her gasp in wispy breaths..."I'm so close to cumming...please...please don't stop"
He glanced up as he continued to tongue fuck her deep and long and saw her head thrown back against the mirror, her eyes closed and her breath coming in short, gasping sighs. She was close and he could tell it by the way her legs were beginning to quiver. His knees were aching from being on the hard floor, but his desire to take her over the top blocked out any sense of discomfort that he may have had. His only though, his only desire was to make her explode, to make her orgasm the most intense sensation that she'd felt in a long time.
All his attention was now on her clit. He sucked it, nibbled it and flicked his tongue over and around it. He used his thumb and index fingers to stroke it like a tiny cock as his tongue probed into her wetness. It was not long before she was cumming in wave after wave of ecstasy. Her first explosion caught him by had been a long time since he'd had a woman actually EXPLODE when she was cumming. His mouth planted firmly on her lips and over her to catch all that she had to offer...he swallowed hard and felt his chin getting more and more wet. Again she climaxed, again she pulled him in tighter, pushing his tongue in as deeply as he could thrust it.
She knew where they were, they both did, but it was becoming harder and harder for her to stifle her moans and whimpers of total and complete pleasure. She released her grasp of his neck with her legs and he was finally able to catch a full breath of air.
Her head was still rolled back against the mirror and her eyes were still closed when he stood up between her legs. He saw himself in the mirror behind her now for the first time and he a man who had just been in a bobbing for apples contest. Her juices covered his lips, nose and chin and he couldn't help but smile as she opened her eyes and looked into his own. Without words she reached up, took him by the back of the neck and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him tenderly. She kissed his lips, then his cheek and finally his ear as she whispered in an exhausted voice "thank you...that was...more than I expected and way more than I had hoped for."
He began to reach for his buckle of his pants and undo them. He had tasted her, now he wanted to feel her engulf him. He wanted her to feel him inside of her and he saw in her own eyes that she wanted it too. However, just as he had pushed himself inside and her legs wrapped around his waste, they heard a *knock* *knock* on the door of the lavatory. "Ummmm, you need to finish up in there. We are on approach to the airport and you need to get back to your seats." It was the voice of the stewardess who had seen them enter an hour earlier and was now giving them plenty of warning to get back to their seats before the rest of the plane woke up.
They looked into each others eyes with a look of sadness and disappointment as he pulled out of her and zipped himself back up. He picked up her skirt from the counter and helped her slip it back on, zip it up and make herself look "presentable" to anyone who was already awake. He too and washed his face, adjusted his clothes and dusted off his visibly dirty pant legs. With one last, long sensual kiss he opened the door and walked back to his seat. Within minutes he saw her walk by him and watched her walk back up to the first class cabin. As she turned to close the curtain that separates the two cabins he saw her mouth the words "thank you" and then she was gone.
When they got to the gate in Frankfurt and the plane de boarded he expected to see her waiting for him on the gangway. Yet, when he got off the plane she was no were to be seen. He looked around the exit, then at baggage claim but she was no were to be seen. She was gone and he was left with only the memory of their experience at 35,000 feet. IT was, and is to this day, a flight that he will never forget. A flight into fantasy and a taste of a mile high delight like no other!

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