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4/25/2006 11:01 pm

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Imagine your at a funeral, but who's your not real sure. You sign the book, walk inside and see some people stand to go. You know you've seen their faces, you begin to look around, and then you realize that you know or recognize everyone here. You see your famiy, your friends, your co-workers, people you knew from school. Everyone gathered in this one place, THIS funeral is FOR YOU.
You take a seat up near the front as the minister says a prayer. And then he calls for people to speak, to say a few words on your behalf about your life and how you affected them while you where here.
Three groups of people are up to speak: your co-workers, your spouse, and your children. You sit there with sadness as you see these people who enriched your life get up, one by one to speak about you and you realize that you will, after this moment, never see these loved ones again.

My question for anyone reading this entry is this: WHAT WOULD THEY SAY ABOUT YOU????
What would your co-workers say about your life? Would they talk about your countless hours to the company? Perhaps they'd talk about the many times you worked those long late hours or came in on the weekends and holidays to "catch up" on those important matters. Maybe they'd talk about how fast you climbed the ladder of success and how you lived and breathed your work. What would they say?

What would your spouse say about your life?
Would they talk about your devotion to your family, your faith and your friends? Maybe they'd tell people about your quirky habbits or the little things that you did to make the family life more enjoyable. Or, would they talk about your devotion to your work, about your always being on the go with work and kids and personal issues. Would they tell people about the fading love that once burned so strong in your hearts for one another and how, somewhere along the way, other things and other people became more important than that one special person to whom you pledged your eternal love and life. What would they say?

The final speaker of the day are your children. They may be younger, teens or young adults, but the question remains the same....What would they say about YOU? Would they talk about the fun times they had with you? Maybe they'd talk about the many times you'd go for long walks, play games or sit and talk about butterflies and rainbows. They'd talk about how their life today had been shaped by their time spent with you. Yet again, mayb they'd talk about the many times you were not there because there was an "emergency" at work that needed to be taken care of, a deadline that needed to be met or some other persoanl matter that needed to be handled and they'd make your next game....they 'promise'!
They might tell the people gathered about how they never really knew you as a parent, but you were a damn fine worker, manager, or CEO!
What would they say about you??

My friends, IF you were to die today what would the people who knew you say about you? what impressions have you left on those around you and what would be the very last memory that they have of the life that you lived and the person that you were? No one really knows how much time we have in this world, before we are called away to the next. What would they say about you? I read a similiar scene in Steven Covies book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and it has always stuck with me since the very night that I read it. What kind of life would we leave behind if we were to die today? Would we die satisified that we had lived our lives to the fullest, loved those around us to the best of our abilities and LIVED a life that we would be proud for people to talk about. What would our children say about us as a parent and their memories of their youth. Was it spent in rich enjoyment and endless love, or did they never get a chance to know us because work, or life, or something else was always getting in the way?
I hope this leaves you thinking, as it has me and I hope that each day you wake and each night you lay to fall asleep, you ask yourself: If I were to die today/tonight, what would they say about ME?

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6/3/2006 5:17 pm

I've often thought of this myself..... I would like to think that they would not speak.. just smile
mmj06 a lil' peace to you and yours..
thanks for the stimulation Knight''

warm smiles andPeace to you and your'sfrom littleone

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6/20/2007 9:14 pm

amuzing.. deep and impressive~ hmmmm 'vss'

warm smiles andPeace to you and your'sfrom littleone

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