From Diner to Hotel: a continuation  

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From Diner to Hotel: a continuation

He lay there feeling her warm lips engulf his hardness. Her tongue ran up the shaft, circled the tip and then ran back down the other side. Was this woman part snake? It seemed that her tongue could wrap itself around his shaft and that she was stroking him with it. Though the sensations were incredible and it had been such a very long time since he'd had such an expert at oral sex, he could not forget that he too had a talented tongue.
He moved his head further between her thighs and began to kiss and lick his way up to his target. His kisses sent shivers of anticipation surging through her body and she couldn't wait to feel his mouth engulf her, just as she had been him. But that, he thought in his mind, would have to wait for a few minutes. He was not one to rush right for the target and dive in like some suicide licker. NO, he liked to savor his journey and tease and taunt with his lips and tongue. He kissed her thighs softly where the legs and the pelvis join and ran his tongue ever so close to her now swollen lips. She could feel the heat from his breath as he moved even closer to her clit. His tongue circled around the perimeter of her lips, then gently ran between them parting them ever so slightly.
She shivered at these sensations that he was causing to surge through her body and would have to stop herself for a moment so that she could take in the full sensations that now surged over her.
He slipped a finger into her and her legs parted to allow him deeper penetration. He knew that she wanted to feel him inside of her, he too wanted to feel her engulf his hardness as they became one body, one flesh and one soul.
How could this be happening he thought to himself. This woman whom I have only just met is closer to me than the one that I have known and been with for years. He wondered if she too felt the connection that was between them, but feared asking it. Instead he went back to his task and as his fingers separated her lips, the tip of his tongue moved between them and ever so slightly into her wetness. He heard her gasp as his tongue entered her and so he began to run it up and down her lips and with each pass pushed it further into her. Was she still sucking him? He didn't really know. He was lost in the moment of giving her the pleasure...he was aware only of the response of her body to his kisses, his touch and his movements.
His mouth found her now engorged button and he took it gently between his teeth. Sucking it softly, he let the tip of his tongue flick across it and then apply steady pressure to it as he moved it up and down. A finger moved inside of her as he massaged and teased her clit and he felt her muscles squeeze down around his fingers. He withdrew his fingers and pulled away from between her legs. She looked down at him as if to ask "why did you stop" but she could tell from the look in his eyes and the touch of his hands on her sides that this night was far from over. He moved up on the bed behind her and pulled her back into his chest. She could feel his hardness against her thigh and she turned so that it was pressed into the crease of her firm bottom. His arms wrapped around her and his lips kissed the back of her shoulders, first one, then the other and then the base of her neck, sending shivers down her spine.
He slid his hands up from her wetness and over her stomach, tracing gently each line with his fingers. His touch was gently, yet she could feel sparks of electricity trailing behind them as they moved between her breasts. She turned to look at him and he kissed her earlobe and neck. His fingers began at the base of her left breast and traced circles around it from base to nipple and back down again. She pressed herself back harder into him and felt his hardness pressing into her. "Oh god" she thought, "his touch alone is going to send me over the edge of ecstasy"
His hand moved to the other breast and began its trail up to her nipple and she could take no more. She lifted one leg and moved her hips in just such a way that allowed his hardness to move from the crease of her bottom to between her thighs.
He ran the backs of his fingers down her chest and across her stomach until the brushed against her wetness, where the gently parted her lips to allow him entrance. With one gentle push forward she felt the tip of his hardness penetrate her as his fingers held her lips open. Oh how wet she was...and oh how good it felt to be inside of her. She began to move her hips back and forth in an attempt to take him deeper into her. He could sense her desire and her passion and could no longer hold out. He rolled over onto his back and pulled her up on top of him with her back to his chest. Once on top of him she sat up and with ease was able to slide herself all the way down onto his shaft. She began to move her hips back and forth and felt him pulsing deep inside of her. He reached up and caressed the small of her back and ran his hands across her cheeks, marveling at their firmness.
She placed her feet on the bed beside his hips and began to lift herself off of him, but coming back down fully again just as he was about to pull out. He held her by the hips and tried to match her rhythm. Faster and harder she would move and he knew that she was reaching that point of no return. He could already feel her seeping out around his shaft and wondered if she had already climaxed in silence. Soon however, he got his answer. With skill like a gymnast she turned around with him still very much inside of her and looke down into his eyes. What he saw there shock and surprised him. She had a tear in her eyes but he knew from the expression on her face that it was nothing bad, but rather wonderful.
She stared down at him as she began to rock back and forth faster and harder, driving him deeper and deeper into her. He reached up and caressed her breasts, lifted his head and nibbled each nipple gently. She began to sigh and her sighs turned to moans. Her moans grew louder until she was nearly screaming at him to make her cum. "Take me over the top" she pleaded. "Its been so very long, take me where I think only YOU can." and with that he too began to thrust up into her deep and hard. Their eyes held each others gaze as their climax erupted from somewhere deep within. She began to erupt and explode around his shaft and he could feel her wetness covering his thighs and sides. Her final thrust and scream of ecstacy took him over the top as well and he exploded deep inside of her in wave after wave of orgasmic release.
She collapsed on top of his chest but held him inside of her. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her in tight as they kissed passionatly. When they could breath in a normal rythme again she rolled off the top of him and placed her head over his chest, hearing his heartbeat as it returned to normal.
The rest of that night they talked, made love again and again and spent the early morning hours just before dawn doing nothing but sitting quietly, staring into each others eyes.....and wondering!

Darkpassion 57F

4/11/2006 12:14 pm

Phew!! that bought a tear to my eye. Thanks for the memory.

sportsfan362436 47F

4/11/2006 10:18 pm

Mmmmm... wow... what a beginning to a beautiful type of '..ship' it a friendship or relationship!

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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