Hopes and Dreams  

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Hopes and Dreams

I had turned this post off yesterday, but I have decided to leave it as my dedication to a very special friend. May he know it is here to show my belief in him!

To many of you this story will not make any sense, but to those of you that knew the beginning it will. It is a continuing story of fantasy and yet one full of hopes and dreams...

Her hips rise to meet his lips…she feels his tongue slowly trace the inside of her thighs. Oh how she wants him! His tongue is working its magic; swirling…licking…caressing her most private spots. Her hands reach for his hair…and she gently guides him to her clit. He momentarily stops looking up at her from between her thighs. Her eyes meet his and she whispers, “Please, don’t stop”. He smiles knowing that she is near the edge and without warning he takes her clit in his mouth and starts sucking, rolling it gently between his teeth. He can feel her legs quiver, her wetness intensifies, her breathing is becoming erratic, she’s moaning quietly. Her hands are controlling his movements and yet he knows that they are just following his movements…she is in a trance of total ecstasy. Then he feels it…he knows…

Her body shivers, her thighs tighten, her fingers wrap in his hair…she softly whispers, “Yes, my love…yes”! He continues sucking her clit gently as he feels her body succumb to the pleasure of what he has just done! She reaches out her hands looking for his and he takes her hands in his and slides up her body. He rolls on his side and gently pulls her into his arms. She opens her eyes and looks into his with such pleasure, such desire, such longing.

They lay there for a time; caressing, kissing, whispering sweet words to each other and then he feels her body shift…she has returned to where there this all started…

She kisses his neck…running her tongue down each side…continuing down his chest, stopping to lick and nibble each nipple which become hard with pleasure…she works her tongue down the center of his torso, inch by inch. As she moves to straddle his body, her hair caresses his skin sending shivers down his spine. She continues her journey lower….lower and then he feels it! Her tongue gently encircles the head of his throbbing cock…how much more can he take? She teases him by looking up at him, not stopping what she is doing. As she looks into his eyes, she smiles and starts taking his manhood bit by bit into her mouth. Her eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky…he knows she is enjoying this as much as he.

His whole body goes limp, as though the blood in his veins all detours to the site of his arousal, intensifying the hardness that is slipping deeper and deeper into her furnace-like mouth. With a feather-like touch she caresses his thighs, then cups his sac with one hand as her lips retreat to the rim of his tingling cock head. He feels his balls tighten inside her tender touch as her tongue licks the pre-cum drops that have oozed from him.

"My Love..." he moans, taking her head in his hands and combing her hair with his fingers. "My precious Love."

Her tongue's tip takes another quick trip around his tip, then suddenly, his cock is once again inside her hungry mouth. All the way... her lips barely touching his balls. She withdraws to his circumcised rim again, but doesn’t tarry this time. She plunges down... all the way down, then quickly back. Her fingers gently squeeze his sac, and she looks up briefly to see his eyes closed, his chest rising and falling in rapid sequence, the sweat droplets on his brow. He moans a secret language that doesn’t have words... and she swallows his entire hardness once more.

The spasms in his legs suddenly begin... he feels his toes tense and an electric-like shiver courses through him; numbing every inch of his body except for the rock solid six and half inches being sucked and swallowed... sucked and swallowed... sucked and...

“ARRRRGGGHHH!” he cries when the final tingling tickle in his balls forces the explosion of the hot, thick, cum load into her still moving mouth.

She greedily swallows his nectar in quick gulps, still stroking his balls to get every last drop he has. He hears the slurping sounds and feels an aftershock... another spasm, another less intense shot... and at last, his sweet release is done.

She glides up his body, gently kissing every inch of him until she reaches his face. She looks down at him tenderly. He is laying there; eyes closed, a smile on his face, totally at peace. She lowers her face to his and caresses his cheek with hers. She rolls to be near his side and he once again he cradles her in his arms. Their breathing is now in unison, their hearts beat as if one, their bodies entwine.

The moon shining through the window caresses their bodies, the breeze dances across their skin…they quietly fall asleep…their worlds are ever closer to becoming one; there is no hurry…they know the time is growing near. They sleep softly, nestling closer to each other as they dream. Each is dreaming of the other; and the stars in the black of night see them smile as they lay there asleep. The images floating though their minds are slowing awakening these two lovers’. Their hands start to caress the other, their mouths search for the lips of the other; she moans softly as she feels the fire once again burning inside her.

As their eyes open, before them are the windows to the others’ soul. Each knows that they have found something very special, something that is pure. Their eyes sparkle as they look at each other…no verbal words are needed between these two…the words are there in their eyes.

The ending...another place, another time~

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/28/2006 6:10 pm

I wondered where it went!

mysticdreamangel replies on 8/28/2006 7:22 pm:
It never went far...

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