why im still....single???  

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8/27/2006 5:52 am

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why im still....single???

ok, lately im getting sick and tired of too many people keep asking me why i am still single? either it from AdultFriendFinder or from my daily life.

i shouldnt be single, i supposed to get married at least a year ago. but like we already know, life is not like always we planned, right?? too bad, i realize it a bit too late.
in prev blog, i already stated about my ex. i dont want a relationship now, gosh, i even hate that word. maybe not hate that word, maybe more to afraid or freaked out, i think. afraid of the feeling when that happen. well, im a risk taker but no way i am ready for a relationship. i dont wanna even think about it. (unless, there's an amazing man that can change my mind!!!).

of course i want someone in my side that can accompany me day or nite, or just spent some quality time together. no one likes to be alone, but that's someting we cant force! and sometimes i just like to be alone and analyze people that i just met.

honestly, i really fucked up my life now, totally mess but no matter what, it IS my life. do i enjoy being single?? sometimes yes, sometimes no. i just dont want to make myself tired anymore cuz i keep thinking about this person day and nite. i dont fall in love that easy, but if i do, im gonna love him with all my heart n my life, forever. yesss, that sucks right??? but thats the fact. thats why, if possible, i always try to avoid n to block that kind of feeling from my mind. and yes, i admit, that im sooo afraid im gonna feel that again. especially, after i sign up in AdultFriendFinder and know what kind of world we live in. no, dont get me wrong, AdultFriendFinder is okay, i like it here...but it just open my eyes more.

i dont need another man lies to me, i dont need bullshits, i dont need another fake attitude. i just need a real man.

so if u ask me now, why im still single?? well, cuz i just havent met the one. i dont need the perfect one, i just need the right one. the one that can love, respect, appreciate me just the way i am and the one that i can give unlimited love without need to worry that he might wasted it. is that hard?? INDEED.

so till that day come (eventnough im not sure that kind of man exist) im gonna keep moving on. no, i wont searching, thats useless. im just gonna walk my way and live my life (with all the excitement n all the shit hahahaha) to the fullest, of course

ok pal, hope that can explain all. im sorry if some of u thinking that i keep rejected some man that wanna get close with me. im a bit too picky, but u can try harder i might change my mind anytime hahahaha


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