nice country,,,sexy city  

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11/20/2005 1:59 am

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nice country,,,sexy city

today is sunday. its a unique sunday cuz im writing my blog from KE oh yeah...its fucking freezing here but so interesting....especially the night club
yeah yeah....clubbing and clubbing, thats what i like!

mmmm, one of the interesting from KE,there's a lot of foreign people here. yeah.. i know what ure guys thinking....did she fucking around with the,the answer is no!

so what i wanna write it in here is about the nite club. well,its almost the same in my country but here is more interesting because the people are more friendly, mabe bcause there's a lot of mixed country here.

in the first club that i visited, one man just pull me to the stage and ask me to dance. of yes, we dance, its sooo sexy, just moving ure body, feeling it...hearing loud music, a bit sweaty, makes me feel so sexy. i never went into stage bfore but it was so much fun and sexy. me and my friends hang out till 5 am in morning. hahaha yeah, i rarely sleep here.

then....we keep moving the club until there's one place that really interest me so much. u know what place?? its trans gender club. yep, gay,,,,they're sooo friendly u know. i met and know a lot of gay now. the place is not too big, located near the place that i stay. its so much fun. everyone can dance and drink and make out maybe i dance with lesbian and also gay. the gay man is a bit drunk but he's a sexy gay hehehehe...very nice, he even lift me up from the floor and dance while carry me hahahahaa.....
i didnt have that in my country.

mmmm....just wanna share u some of my experience. it's nice to share.
it's nice to be in other places that really different from ure own country, no wonder this one man i know, want to travel around the world soo badly.

yeah...thank u so much, for visitng and reading my blog. its nice to see ure comment.

so...see ya next time. and enjoy !


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