i need sex,..i will ask !!!  

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7/22/2006 9:05 am

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i need sex,..i will ask !!!

ok, damn, i cant sleep all night im thinking about something that i discuss with my colleagues yesterday. well in office i kinda like sex advise hehehehehe so i found new things everyday. this is not a new topic,but its interesting for me in some way cuz my friends experience it. as all u can see (if u read my profile) im asian. its true what people said that talking about sex in asia still a bit taboo. well, not for me but for some poeple, usually older than me.

ok, what taboo means?? it has lots of description, but for me its something that we should not talk openly, because the subject contain some thoughts that might be sensitive to other people. is it correct?? hahaha hope so (i dont have it in my dictionary anymore). ok, what makes me curious is i just found out that for some woman in asia, asking for sex to from the husband is taboo too. huh? WTF??

one of my friend that talk to me yesterday (shes pregnant) saying that she never ask for sex from her husband. not bcuz she didnt want to but bcuz she just felt its not right. so she usually wait till her husband touch her. i ask her, dont u feel that u 'need' it?? she said : well, somtimes, but not really! hmmm.....i didnt ask her any farther cuz she seemed uncomfortable so i just try to advise her what she asked to me. i began some research and asked some question and do some survey, there's a lot of woman that still feel that its not good to ask sex from her husband, in my area itself, it reaches around 55% of woman.

ok, whats the point here??? it means some woman still feel that their position is below the man. not equal. yeah i know, maybe its the culture or religion (for the religious people) that makes them act like that (or maybe the sex is not good, hey...that can be a reason, right??) . And as far as i can see, some of them didnt mind that. is that fair, u think ??? (hahaha its funny,i just posted a comment on the blog of my friends about 'fairness answer')

well, from my point of view, its not fair, woman can get a lot of more by saying or asking whats on their mind to their partner, especially if they already husband and wife. i know not all people think that sex is important, but at least if u need it, u can ask for it with thousand of ways to ure husband
communication and discussion is some of the most important aspects in all kinds of relationship, whether u are husband and wife, gf/bf, fuck buddies, etc etc. because it will make both side understand about what we want and what we need, and if we dont agree, the discussion is needed to find the way out. (it also the same with other aspects of our life)

but like i said, its only my point of view and it might not fair to some woman cuz i know that some woman didnt mind that at all. but i know that some of woman struck to the culture.i cant say much cuz its all depend to the woman itself. but what i really want to stressed is that we are equal with men, not only in sex but in all part of our life (i dont care about the culture) so start to talk, or u get nothing!!


SecretFuns99 41M

7/24/2006 2:39 am

well, I hope more women read this blog. Actually a man also expects his partner to ask for SEX too !, Man sometimes is ignorant (like me ?? , sometimes they cannot read the signs from their partner. SO please girls, please ask your MAN for IT !!!, and he will give IT to U gladly !!, otherwise...he will think that u r frigid-or even worse u 'r boring, thus your man will look some other hot girls who ASK !!, what do you think Mystic ? hehe

JeersPilarSaver 35F

7/24/2006 7:04 am

dear secretfuns99
i agree in some part!! hear that girls... speak up (not only in sex but in all aspects)

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