dessert in CAB....Again !!  

JeersPilarSaver 35F
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8/18/2006 6:52 pm

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8/20/2006 1:46 am

dessert in CAB....Again !!

morning world yeah its saturday morning in indonesia now. i just arrived in the office (sucks!) when something suddenly remind me of mr.patience. hmm..thinking about it made me wet now. i get my dessert in the cab..again! in the daylight. hmm...

well it started just like usual, i pick him up in the airport early in the morning (im still sleepy cuz the flight arrived bfore 9.30 am) hehehe but honestly, im a bit nervous too so it made me awake. nervous cuz i know when i saw him, im gonna have to deal with his looks, his smell, and his smile again hahahaha.....
i can see him clearly from far away...i cant hide my smile...just nice to see him again, hahahaha believe me or not, i get horny when i look at him approach me slowly. hmmm...did he know that?? think so!

he kissed me. and i can feel that my pussy a bit warm already. we relax a bit and i accompany him to smoke first. damn damn trying to hold myself but i cant be patience. he did told me to be patience but come can i be patience if he's keep looking at me, hahahaha....
i know he done that on purpose!!!

i keep saying to myself quick quick...dont wanna stand here wet! then he went to bathroom to change his pants into running pants (wink wink).
we get into the cab and..hmmm..and he kissed me deep. oh i loveee his kiss. (arghh im horny now) kiss n kiss n i can see my fave thing get hard already...yummy....
im wearing skirt without panties so his hands already there..fingering me, feel how wet i am, and he made it worse by whisper in my ears.

in the freeway, we just look for the right time, bfore i lower myself down n lick n suck his cock. hmmm he's so wet (thats one of the things that i like from him)play it in my mouth, up and down, circle it with my tongue, lick it..yummy..
he told me to stop if there's quite crowded, but then i continue again. did the cab driver suspicious?? hmm might be, but we didnt get caught! i keep lick him and he's fingering me. i tried so hard not to moan.

seeing his horny face made me wanna kiss him..but no one will notice it. he just sat there, pretend that nothing happen, no one will guess that a girl gave her blow job im sure! hahahaha...
the ride from airport kinda far...then he whisper to me that he's about to cum...hmm..lemme taste it...ohh he cum a lot..i lick all i can lick...clean it all from the head into the end...until nothing left. hmm...doing that really turn me on. i mean really really turn me on!

i clean my mouth that still had a bit of his sperm. he kissed me then we enjoy the view from the window and chat a bit, although he's still fingering me...hahaha at that time, i want him so bad. feel wanna attack him..i keep wet and wet.
and he still torture me cuz we gotta check in first n wait in the bar till the room ready, damn!!!

Anyway, it worth to wait, we got in the room and...well...u know the rest in the end, i just have this satisfied-happy-fresh feeling in my face well done, mr patience !!

SuperAdventurous 37M
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8/18/2006 10:05 pm

Hehe... Very impressive and very entertaining. Keep these awesome blogs and stories coming Mystic.

JeersPilarSaver 35F

8/20/2006 1:43 am

dear superadventurous
hey thanks a lot. hehehe...well, i gotta say the same to u then..cant wait to read ure next blogs

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