Ohhh..Patience...Patience.....!!!!!! (Part 1)  

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12/11/2005 12:13 am

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Ohhh..Patience...Patience.....!!!!!! (Part 1)

"just be patient..and u'll get what u want" ...yep, that quote is absolutely right, at least for me hehehehe...

hmmm...where i should began this story?
okay, how about AdultFriendFinder introduce me with this handsome man around 2 or 3 months ago. it's all went well. we change email and pictures...the sexy one of course! we tell what we want and what we're looking for, etc etc.

i enjoy it. he seems nice n there's something about him that makes me curious cuz he always makes me wet in an instant. yeah..this rarely happen to me so it's a bit surprising, especially after we start to chat. the chemistry between us is too big. at first i think im the only want that felt it but im glad cuz he felt it too hehehe at least im not alone.

we chat almost everyday...or if we have time and we never stop sent pics. he took the pics directly and sent it to me right away hmmmm....
bcuz of one and other things, we cant meet now, but i know he'll come or i'll go to visit him. its just a matter of time.

patience..patience...thats our magic words hahahaha....he always said that to me if we both too horny. he watch me couple of times through cam and im glad he likes what he sees.
then someday, what makes me surprised is he called me. his voice is deep and has funny accent.we done phone sex and we both cum
the next step...is when we chat, he use his friends cam so for the first time we saw each other..wow wow..he just look likes in his pics ...and it made me cant wait and wet...so patience patience....he keeps saying that to me hahahaha.

so days by days passes quickly. we began sms each other regularly. well our main chat is mostly about pics, chats, sex, and my equal. yep...i told him i havent find my equal yet and he said so does he. we kept chat about it. and through our chat...he's so sure he's my equal. he said...of course im ure equal, isn't it obvoius? well, from our chat ...yeah...but i dunno if we meet.

well, i keep patience, so is he. then on one regular day while i was working in office, i got some news that made me have to go to some place. im a bit shocked too but excited...soo excited. can this time we really meet???
i sms him straight away cuz the place i have to go is in the middle between his country and my country...
he reply me saying yes, he can...although only one day cuz he should go to other country the next day for work. i said thats fine...just come and see me if u can, thats what i need. i wanna met him so badly cuz i keep wondering about this big chemistry that we feel. i mean is it true or not, or it just the way we chat...

so i prepare all my needs, like tickets, etc...
then to surprise me ...he told me that he'll stay 3 days with me. he postpones his job til next week. im soooo excited, this only getting better and better hehehehe....im nervous.
then after all set...i fly....waiting for time that move closer.

my flight is not good cuz of bad weather...but i smile cuz when i reach the place and turn on my phone...he already sms me. we will meet tonight, Finally....but patience...patience.
i take care all my needs today.

we agree to meet in port, Without Undies since he want me to suck his cock in cab and i want him to touch me too. (that's one of our fantasy)
im waiting already...when he arrived..damnnnn my heart beat soo fast

he's very tall, i can see him from far away. i didnt run to him straight away, but i admire him awhile..from the distance. hmmm red shirt and black pants...cant belive finally he's in front of me. im horny already hehehe....im wet!
then i ran to him and jump into his arms. his arms wrapped around me and we kiss. hahaha..i think im too short for him, but we're ok!

So....we began our sexy short holiday together!!

Ps. Wanna read the sexy part?? wait for the part 2. u'll be wet!

enjoy my piece of mind and pls give comment...c ya soon


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