Ohhh...Patience....Patience!!!!!! (part2)  

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12/12/2005 5:38 am

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Ohhh...Patience....Patience!!!!!! (part2)

So...we began our short holiday together!
we keep holding hands then we stop by awhile cuz he wanna smoke. i saw him erect already hmmm....we both look each other with naughty smile. so he use his bags to cover it since he didnt wear undies.

we went to hotel using cab. we kiss so passionately in that cab and he kept caressing me...hmmm i can feel his hands reached into my thigh. i wear short skirt so he slowly rub my thigh, going up and up until he can touch my naked pussy. he knew im sooo wet already and i can see he's wet too! yummy...so i sat in perfect position, look the situation around...kiss him, then lower my body. i took out his cock and start to lick and suck it. oh my...yummy yummy. i adore his cock so much. he tried not to make some noise..but i hear a soft moan then he caress my head. what we do was soo sexy. he has perfect cock..the big strong sexy cock.

i try hard to hold my voice when he fingered me. gosh...that felt good. but then we stop cuz we notice that the cab driver might be watching.
so we arrived in the hotel. its funny cuz we check in first and should fill out this and that form while both our faces must be show our horniness hahahaha...THATS THE HARDEST form to fill, i even forget my address and my signature hahahaha...

we get the room, but the porter show this and that about the room and make me wanna kick him soo hard. then after that porter leave the room, we continue what we already start....oh yes, finally....we can do what we've been waiting for.
he hug me from back, his tongue deep in my ears and that really turn me on...hmmm i cant help to moan. we touch each other, kiss sooo deep (we both love deep kiss). Then i suck his cock again while he fingered me and lick my pussy...mmmm....

he took me to bed....then finally...he's in me. oh yes...oh god, he's big! we moved together to release our big chemistry. he made me orgasm easily...i felt it in all my body, i can feel my body shiver a while, enjoying the pleasures ....then we discover whats good and what's not. He made me come again, again, again, and again, until we both stop counting hehehehehe
he cum in me, in my face and in my mouth...soo sexy seeing his face enjoying it.

so this chemistry is real, thats what in my mind when we lay down and rest. i feel very very satisfied...and i rarely feel like that. so..he's my equal or not..? well, so far so good but he's definitely like what i expected
He's naughty but sweet too, nice combination. well, we both sweet and naughty (according to him ) and when we lay down, we keep caress each other. u know what i like?? i like the way he kissed me, either in cheek,lips, chin, hair or in my hands. he's a perfect gentleman. he really know how to kiss or to caress me without turn me on or to turn me on if he wants to (but mostly he done that to turn me on )

hmmm..then we went to search for food in the middle of nite. he always hold my hands. That makes me comfortable and he didnt afraid to show his affection like kiss me in public. yes, thats what i expected...cuz i will hug or kiss him everywhere.

well,in the cab when we're going back to hotel...hmmm i think u can guess already what we did hhehehehe. yep, i suck his cock again...u know, he whisper in my ears telling me that he wants my undies. he told me to open it. hmmm...so i open it slowly and give it to him. he already make me wet, even bfore he touched me! (YES..U CAN BE PROUD OF URESELF HAHAHAHA)

we arrived in hotel and have sex again, again ,again. in the table, in the chair. i stand up in the chair and he lick me, i sit in his face, bent on my knee and suck him, spoon, doggie, anal...yes..., he touched me everywhere...oh yeah, we cant get enough of each other...
he know i like to be on top, and i like the way he looked at me...look deep into my eyes and he'll see how i enjoyed it soo much!

oh yes, one thing for sure, we both love pictures..so we start to make our own 'souvenirs'.
in the morning, we supposed to have bfast or at least he said he needed coffee but i cant help it
i hug him, smell him, he must be know from my body language that im hungry for something else then i knew he erected and wet already. im so excited when he said LATER for coffee... mmmmm he's wet, he always wet! soo wet, and i love it cuz i like to clean it up. (THIS TIME I CAN BE PROUD OF MYSELF! FOR MAKE U WET!! hahahah)
then u know what happen..he's in me again...hmmm lots of orgasms. and i cant wait for my dessert...he always gave me his dessert, if u know what i mean
yes, thats so much fun, we even have sex half an hour bfore check out.

so thats what we do for 3 days 2 nites. but we done more than only have sex. we chat, caress, laugh, talk...thats why i a bit sad when he should went back. ummm not a bit but yes...im sad. damn....miss him already!

Hmmm...at the end of my words, he's just like what im expected. honestly, even more...
i really thank god that we finally meet, we wait too long but its worth waiting!

hahahaha i know, i know...i should admit it right? okay okay....He's my Equal (just like he told me from the beginning). Thats the truth, the fact! He can handle me hahahaha...and not many man can do that. so i think, WE BOTH CAN BE PROUD OF OURSELVES hehehehe

u see, when u found someone that know what u want and what u need, why he always too far away..sucks!
but thats fine, at least we finally meet, we finally can do everything that we ever talk about, finally we can feel each other. i think it's enough....For Now!! cuz i still keep his words that he'll come to me soon

So, for the hottest man who inspired me to write this blog, i just wanna say Thank You so much for the non-stop pleasures u gave me, for treat me soo nice. i hope i done enough and gave enough for u too!
and ..the most important thing..c ya really really soon....and stay horny

well. thats the end of my second part of Patience..Patience...hope u all like it. i will welcome any comment.


Plano69 54M

1/2/2006 7:17 pm

Wow! Lucky guy!

JeersPilarSaver 35F

1/4/2006 3:40 am

dear plane69
we both lucky

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