Nice Surprise... ;)  

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11/20/2005 6:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Nice Surprise... ;)

hmmm....this is one story about me in another country....its true story or not....u decide it
well, began in AdultFriendFinder, of course, everything began in AdultFriendFinder. i wink to this sexy man that put his pics in his profile (not the cock pic!)cuz he's seemed nice and okay, i think. then he write me an email. we never talk about sex at all, nope, only regular mail. and one day i visit his country where he lives.

hmmm...the first impresson when i meet him was he's nice and good man. he took me to his new place that is awesome. very nice and comfortable, feels like home
you know guys, he's the first man that didnt attack me directly when we reach the house and i really appreaciate it. we talked and he looked kinda tired cuz he's just moving. he has nice couch so he just lie there next to me. and what surprised me is he didnt touch me directly too, and im thinking....what a gentleman. we chatted for hours and then he just hugged me from behind. wow...he hug me so good. i like to be hugged and he hugged me so right. makes me warm

but then...after that, this man keep continue to surprised me. u know, we just hug then we start to touch each other. yeah...he turn me on already, i like the way he scratch me slowly. we keep touching, and we undressed each other in that big couch. we kiss soo deep, then he just please me with his tongue. he lick my nipples, he scratched me (i really like it!!), touch my pussy then fingering me and lick it. oh yes, felt sooo good. i touch his body and what makes me surprised is he got his nipples and belly pierced. hmmm....turn me on even more...i lick it, pull it abit....and im going down to his cock. when i see his cock....ohhhh yummy....he has big, nice, perfect cock..oh makes me wanna feel it inside. oh so horny.
i lick it, make it wet then just enjoy it in my nice.

we done foreplay kinda long and im soo wet,its soo sexy. then finally,oh yeah...finally, he put his cock in me...oh that feels so fucking good, his cock fill in me perfectly....fuck, that was good!we kept touched each other...i like licking his pierced nipples and sucking his cock. he moved in me and i couldnt help to keep my voice down feeling his big nice cock in and out, in and out. he made me wilder by pulling my hair and bite and suck my body. oh fuck....he's such a bad naughty boy that know how to fuck a woman!

orgasms.....yes, he gave me orgasms....hmmm, i should get it from his perfect big cock. and he gave me that. sexy..yes, wild..yes, hot...oh yeah!

mmm....and now i still cant get enough of his cock. i even spent time longer here so i can be with him a little long if u guys already read my profiles, u must know that i like sex soo much right! so.. maybe tonight, we'll get even more wilder....or not?? hmm thats the question that i'll tell u in next blog cuz me myself havent know the answer either hehehehe.

its nice u know, to have someone in ure side even its only for a while, very nice feeling and im feel comfortable with him. so yes....its a really nice surprise !!

so guys, enjoy the story...tell me if u like it or not, give some comment!
and again, thanks for stopping by and read about what happen to me today


rm_do_ex 52M
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11/21/2005 8:27 pm

dear mystic1888, love your story and will love it more if i can explore your deepest lust and making love to you all day long till your body and mind can take it anymore dear, love to chatt and meeting you dear.

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