Mission : ACCOMPLISHED !!  

JeersPilarSaver 35F
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1/23/2006 7:27 pm

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4/23/2006 11:39 pm


well, well...i miss to write blog. my mind full with things
and i need to let it all out.
do u remember about my prev prev blogs about 'one last chance'...
i already took my chance. gosh it was great...i mean im a bit sad but the whole things was great.

since the day i know this man...i keep counting the days.,and its fun.
since the day i met this man for the first time...i never stop thinkin why this can happen...i mean this feeling in my heart.
sex...at first its all about sex. nothing else...pure sex...but it seems that life play with me a bit

i only need great sex but damn...i never thought i'll met great man too
. so since the day that he left my country....i start to plan something.
well, its not serious too...at firts its just only a plan. i dont care it will be done or not.

but then i just sense something that told me to do it. i always trust my sense and my feeling so start that day i have mission...and i have 3 months to make it true. is it easy??
not at all. this whole things drive me crazy ....the hardest things to get is the visas, and then there's the strict cuztom to enter the country, the important document that needed such as sponsor letter, money deposit
family card, etc etc..., and , lots lots lots of money...damnnn!!

i got stressed but what makes it funny is i also made people around me crazy too hahahaha. of course they are...i mean, i will travel thousand miles from my country alone.
i try to enjoy it all, although i cant stop worry about my trip.
yep, im counting the days again and i like it. im sooooo excited n i can t wait to meet him again. i should meet him again cuz like i ever said, it can be the last time i meet him.

day by day, week by week passed...time move closer and closer...
my pressure reduce a bit when i already got the visa. so far its ok.
then i issued my ticket, ask the day off. all official things were all done okay. but when the day move closer i feel that the man i'll going
to visit were a bit strange...i mean i just felt something wrong.
i just try to think positive but still i left my country in doubt feeling instead of joy feeling.

travel all nite long....when i reach my destination, the sun rises already. thank god, the custom were all good too, more than i imagine.
then in big n beautiful airport, my eyes keep searching someone...
when i saw him again...i just run to him and hug.
i think to be in his arms again is the happiest feeling i ever feel so far.

we went home and just spent days together.
i still cant believe its all went well until i arrive here.
it a long long meaningful journey...and i did it. we did it.
no matter the end..i only can say thank u.

Mission: Accomplished !!

ps. many people ask me...is there any continue story about what will happen next between me n this great man?? hmmm.....thats the future, means no one can predict it. just check my blog...


rm_Noughtyboy78 38M
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3/19/2006 4:37 am

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