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5/21/2006 1:34 am

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last weekend, i become babysitter for my naughty beloved nephews...i took them swimming in one of famous hotel around here. lots of promotion from the place that i work. spent one nite there with my girl friends too 3 girls help me to take care of my nephews.

ok, thats not what i wanna write here. its something that happen after dark thats what interesting right? soon as my nephews sleep, we went to the clubs downstairs the hotel. they have 'white party' that saturday. so i wore white short skirt with thong and white halter neck that show off my cleavage four of us wore short skirt.

nope, i dont drink at all, well just orange juice till my friend laugh at me. hell, i dont in diet hahahahaha....

im just dancing and singing with all of my friends when man caught my eyes. ohhh that man was so fucking sexy. lemme describe him...umm tall, short curly hair, nice eyes and seducing smile. sounds like perfect huh?? (believe me, he's not!) yeah he wore a shirt but only button it half...ohhh just look at that man makes me horny and he's with his friends (no girls ). my mind hurry to find a way to know him. eye contact....yep!

yes! he look back at me then i made gestures like..hey lets dance. he smile then approach to me and pull me to dance floor. introduce ourselves and chat about this and that. hmm at first we dance normal. u know what that means right, just usual dance no touching and rubbing. but all night till morning (around 3.30 am) he only dance with me, so from normal dance, it slowly turn into sexy dance.

Wait...its not sexy dance...well, maybe at first, but its more like we're making out in the dance floor. last night its soo crowded, so no one notice what we done.
i dunno how it began?? hmm maybe when i can feel him become closer to me..and he awake my desire slowly...he breath in my ears..almost touch it but he's not, his smell cover all my body. then he rub my back and touches the skin of my back...he must be notice that i made small moan. how can i not moan when he pressed his hands from my back slowly down and down...

we kiss...but not that long cuz kiss can make people notice. but he did lick my lips..(this man love to lick!) play with my lips with his tongue...oh im wet..
he pressed my body closer to him. i can feel him hard as rock..loveee to tease him, i dance and dance touching his cock with my body..see him cant stand it and the look in his eyes full with hunger hmm...he didnt just touch my body, but he feel my body with his gentle but also so strong! his hands keep touching my back slowly turn into my butt and pressed it so im totally touch his body...

i turn myself so he can hug me from and tease him with by butt then he just put his head in my shoulder and feeling my neck and bite it slowly. gosh, im gonna die in the dance floor. he made me facing him again..then keep dancing when he slip his one leg between my feet so i can rub my pussy in his legs..oh yummy clit feels sooo good
there's one move that made me really really turn on. i mean i felt that bfore but not in this way. when his leg still between my legs..he suddenly lick me from my cleavage until my lips!!!! no stop..just lick it not too fast and not too slow. wow!!! thats sooooo fucking sexy!!! (guys, u should try this to ure gf!).

ohh we both was so so horny!! i rub his cock couple of times with many many ways..and always make him moan..ohh sexy voice..we didnt talk much, just keep looking each other,its like my eyes is fucking with his eyes. wowww, what a great great chemistry that i felt. thats a rare feeling towards stranger (about sex, of course!)

when we realize, its already 3.30 am in the morning..but that place was still crowded.
i start to feel tired...hmm i dont wanna let him go cuz im soo bloddy wet! and he dont wanna let me go ...but i got nephews to take care till tomorrow

hahahahaha i'll let u all guess about the end umm...nope, let u guess its a true story or not??


rm_YONO661 50M
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5/22/2006 3:07 am

hahaha, damn good story ...
I believe that's true, ...
what's the end ???

JeersPilarSaver 35F

5/24/2006 6:43 am

dear YONO661
thats true?? hmm thats ure decision then
the end?? guess!

dear TakethemoneyRun
what?? u also sure its true??
hmmm that was fun right?? if its true

rm_nomad4711 48M
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5/29/2006 7:15 pm

well done my dear!

JeersPilarSaver 35F

5/30/2006 6:26 am

dear nomad4711

rm_bang383 61M
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5/19/2007 8:15 pm

thats great dear mystic ! why dont we meet sometimes, somewhere ? kisses !

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