I cant find PERFECT title for this Sex Poem...Help!!  

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12/13/2005 12:35 am

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I cant find PERFECT title for this Sex Poem...Help!!

When we 1st say hello...
something about him, make me hungry
the way we chat,
the way he makes me wet easily...
the way he talks to me..
makes me wanna feel more and more.

i bcome the most patient girl
bcuz of him
but its worth waiting...
cuz when our eyes met in the port,
i know its gonna be great
cuz when i feel his lips in mine...
when i feel his just-about-to-grow-beard
..i know where all this desires are going.

when he touched me..
all i wanna do is to open my eyes
so i can see his hands in my body
so he can look deep into my eyes..
to see what i feel.

when he licks my pussy..
all i can do is to spread my legs
enjoy it and moaning
when i feel his tongue deep inside my pussy

when i suck his cock
all i wanna do is to give him...
as many pleasures as i can
taste his wetness in my mouth,
really turn me on
hearing his moaning or..
his hands in my head directing me
makes me wet!

when he pushed his cock into my pussy
all i can do is to feel
the pleasure that quickly spread
from head to toe..
feeling he kiss me
kiss my ears with his tongue
all i can do is to move..
move with him..hmmmm
so we create the dance of sex
where our hands tied each other
where our body touched,
move so slow...
then faster....moan.....scream...
until it finished with beautiful orgasms

i feel his finger in my ass
i see his face enjoying it
and it makes me wet again..
so he slowly and gentle
put his cock in my ass
so slow so sure
until i get used to it...
he said he didnt want
my ass get jealous of my pussy
and..yeah, it felt good

when we finished
we've left only pleasures
taste his sperm...feel it
then swallow it all.
feel our hands caress each other
lick him clean...
lay down and kiss
until the desires....built
and built up...
then....we start again
oh yes...!

ps. read above poem by looking at our 'souvenirs'. im wet!

hmmm...what do u think of above poem.....hope u guys like it. this is my piece of mind in office when i really had nothing to do. share with me if u have any comment.


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