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2/5/2006 2:37 am

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-F - A - K - E -

well well, today i have something in mind....it s about our personality.
and it make me SICK!!!!!!!

i just realize that the way we act, the way we talk, even the way we treat people is different to every people. i mean to this person we will act like this, and to the other..we will act like that.
hahaha thats sucks. i know, maybe im doing it too,but i didnt realize that it really really disgusting until i saw it with my own eyes. u know, i accidentaly knew and analyze a person about the personality, and find out almost all of us...i mean almost every people doing it.

here's the example:
my girl friend just be herself when shes with me. i know her and she know me. but the way she act with her other friends outside our office is differece. and she also being herself, she just act differnt than she used to act everyday. she act different again with the people below her level.

another example:
a man act so nicely with me, we know quite long, hes my friend, of course at least i know him well. but he acts really really different when hes with his girlfriend. and he act differnt again when hes with another girl....hmmmm....

so from that case, which is the real her/him?? this shitty things makes me feel wanna angry soooo much. ok, i admit, maybe i act like that too. some friends says im too nice, and some says im too wild, some even say im shy. but i dont know if i act that differently or not. i hope not cuz it sucks u know. im just trying to be me all the time. well, maybe all my friends try to do the same too (just be their self)...but in some case....they can say differnt things to different people.

am i making sense?? is all this shit im writing making sense??
why this thing can happen....i mean is it really in our blood?? or we learn it from someone else.
are we really be ourself lately??
is it just natural to act like that. Many people from offices or friends or families....keep saying just be yourself, just be yourself.... dont act like this or that. FUCK! i am myself. i know i am me.

what makes me angry... did they act like what they always say?? did they just be their self?? im confidently say: Not all of them!!!
im sick and tired to hear those things, to see people that fake his/her act or personality with others. i know nobody's perfect.....but at least since we know that nobody perfect, we cant just act like shit or lie all people by using someone else's shoes right???

so we can conclude one thing maybe...that we're all fake!!
nothing left to defend, nothing worth enough to fight, nothing precious enough to remember...
because its all gone.....

anyone agree? or anyone can change my mind??

Plano69 54M

2/7/2006 6:57 am

I t might seem like that, but I think we are all kinds of stuff. We are different everyday, and it's not because we're fake, it's just depends on what we are doing to survive...
For instance, you don't want to be sexy with your Grandmother, or make a baby work...
Plus we know there are bad people out there too, and we sometimes have to be careful.
If we acted the same all the time, we'd be crazy or dead... A tiger is loose and running toward you, do you act like you do when you lay down at the beach? We all are many things, a lover, a nurse, a teacher, a caring person, a protector, an adventurer... It's only when we sometimes have to do what we don't like that we might be fake, but if you have to, it also means you're strong...
I know you're not fake, or you wouldn't ask this question...

JeersPilarSaver 35F

2/7/2006 7:16 pm

dear plano69
yes..ure explanation is make sense...im just a bit shocked to see some clear example. u know im not fake?? hehehe thank u

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