Ex become fuck buddy.....can it happen????  

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7/3/2006 9:53 am

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Ex become fuck buddy.....can it happen????

im thinking hard today. ex-gf/bf become fuck buddy...is it possible?? ok, all day i keep thinking about this subjects. one of my friend inspire me this morning and since then my mind just keep collecting about all information that i can get.

is it possible, ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend become ure fuck buddy?? of course its possible. but what i wanna find out is the reason why we can do that. i mean there's nothing wrong with it at all, just wanna dig that subjects. its quite interesting

usually we break up cuz there's some problem in the relationship, right?? basically, after some period of time, the feeling of missing our ex can be showed up, or the feeling to hug him/her, to feel him or her, or just miss the horny feeling that u ever felt with ure ex. thats normal, and some people sometimes just call back her/his ex and then they just slept together again. ok, that's not a big deal, but is it right if i say that they become fuck buddy??? or i shouldnt say that cuz they once have feeling towards each other??

can it be just sex without involved the feeling at all??? hmm i dont think so, there's must at least a bit of feeling involved in there. hmmm so i cant say fuck buddy then. oh hell

ok, what makes it good and what makes it bad??? from many sources that i found, the good side from this situation is u already know each other quite good. know what he/she like in bed. and the bad side??? hmmm....it depends on why u break up. this is the hard thing. we, as as woman...sometimes we always say,ok just fuck me tonight, miss our sex. just pure sex. did man believe it?? yeah, sometimes!

what man should know is mostly its not always sex (well, it might be to some woman) its just because we miss our ex and sex become the only reason to feel him/her again for the moment. well, like i said earlier, its not a big deal as long as u can keep that feeling for ure self. and enjoy that moment.

what happen a lot is they slept together and they felt the sex was so great and they discover again the feeling of needing each other and then they agree to get back together again. u know, what u feel for ure ex the moment u slept together again after certain period of time or after u break up, where u can feel everything was great, was so right with his/her is called 'old-feeling'. why old-feeling?? cuz it the feeling u once felt for his/her bfore u break up. u felt that bfore, u just forget. and this is become one of the reason why people can break up, get back, break up again and get back together again, cuz they keep feel that old feeling so the relationship didnt develop at all and stuck to the reason why the break up for the first time long time ago (break up for the same reason and for the same problem).

this also happen to some of my friends where she already break up for the 8 th time with the same person, lol,. but another friend of mine, they get back together again after break up and now they still together and just fine. so its depend to all people i think. pure sex?? can happen too, im sure.
for me personally...in my position now, i dont wanna slept with my ex again, not bcuz the sex not good, but bcuze i dont have that feeling anymore, the feeling to get involved that deep again. my feeling now is more to brother and sister.

hmmm interesting huh?? u can get any kind of subjects from the relationship between man and woman!! so i guess i cant say ex-gf/bf become fuck budy, can i?? hmmm up to all of u, but as i gathered as many information as i can about this subject, someone also told me a quote: "Dont miss anyone from your past, cuz there's a reason why they didnt make it into your future !!" thats so damn right for my case but im sure all of us will miss that feeling some time, the feeling when everything felt so great and so right!!

so that's it...hope i can explain it clear enough. i have lots of informaton and i find it a bit hard to gather it all but thats the challenge (thats what i like about writing) so hope i didnt make all of confused.

wuahhh, niceeee feeling after u can dig ure mind and let it all out. my brain is empty now hahahahaha....

JeersPilarSaver 35F

7/4/2006 7:52 am

dear crazytiger74
thank u for sharing, ure absolutely right, it might not healthy for any relationship. cuz in the end, both side will get hurt again.

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