Can U STOPPP ... ??  

JeersPilarSaver 35F
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12/19/2005 11:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can U STOPPP ... ??

what will u do?
when u make eye contact
for the first time
with someone....
that u've been waiting for..
will ure heart beat fast?
will u read something in his eyes
will he realize what ure eyes are saying

what's in your mind..
when u feel his hands
start to touch u
caress u from ure cheek..
down to touch ure lips
and rub ure lips with
his fingers...

then u feel he pressed
his lips into yours
while his hands keep
caress ure neck...
ure breasts.....
and move to ure back
to push u closer to him

can u still resist him...
when he kissed u soo good
when he touched u soo right
playing his fingers in ure body
like he played guitar...
moving his tongue
in the right spot...
can u keep silent
can ure body stop to enjoy it..

when u feel his beard
in ure body...
when all u wanna do is..
to touch him...
can u hold ure self..
when u stare at him after
u woke up....
when u feel his smoke taste
in his mouth when u kiss...
can u stop to turn on?
can he stop makes u wet?

when he felt that ure ready
when he knew that u cant
stand it again..
will u beg him...
beg him to enter u
to touch u....
and feel him slowly
to fulfill u
makes u wilder
make u naughtier

can u stop to turn on?
can he stop makes u wet??

no, i cant.
no, he cant.

mmmm this is my piece of mind when im in office, doin nothing. im soooo horny...hope u all like this poem. wet!


scanner001 46M

1/3/2006 5:47 am

Lustful thoughts in daylight hours
provide salacious sight
of you and I entwined as one
making love throughout the night.

Your touch elicits such response
encompassing desire -
the way I ride your hips each time
does light your soul on fire.

As helmsman of your passions flight
the cosmos is your aim
and with each journey of delight
you will never be the same.

JeersPilarSaver 35F

1/3/2006 7:47 pm

dear scanner001
ure poem turn me on

i'll never be the same
when i feel that feeling
when u touch me so deep
when u caress my soul
i start to go new way
to find perfect passion
i know i'll find it
someday ....


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