An AFFAIR ??????  

JeersPilarSaver 35F
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10/29/2005 9:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

An AFFAIR ?????? is sunday. its sunny morning, looks beautiful. im having my bfast and reading magazine the suddenly....this one article attract me. it's about the confession of a man that having an affair....

yeah...i know that 'affair' thing is very common nowadays, but i never stop wondering about that. is it true that we cant get enough for only one partner?? i mean for married people....
that man in the magazine said he had an affair cuz he didnt like monogami..and want to have sex with as many women as he can while he still can.
me, as a woman, like sex.....sooo much, no question about that !

but if u dont believe in monogami then why u should married???? am i right?? u wanna have sex with a thousand woman or men..its okay, as long as ure single! but i dont think its fair enough if u cheat on ure wife or trying not to judge everyone...altough i dont wanna get married (not now!) but i still respect that and stil believe that we should be married only once!

u know, read that article even makes me afraid to get married. why we should married if someday we'll get divorce, right?? like one of my friend said," i dont need a piece of paper to say that i love that woman". yeah....i think what he said is right....i dont think people still respect the marriage!

so if u have any comment let me know....will u do that to ure wife or husband?? to someone that already take a vow to love u to take care of u forever in front of God?? i dont know the answer either cuz every person have their own answer right??

this thing kinda bother my mind so i need to let it out..hope u can enjoy this piece of my minds. and if someone out there feel that i done some mistakes then sorry !

okay then..thanks for everyone that give me a comment.


hei_yang 31M
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12/30/2011 1:14 pm

I totally agree...if people want to sleep around, they can do that, but they should be single or at least have a partner who doesn't mind(and they should have told that partner). Personally, I also don't understand why they marry, because the marriage vows say clearly that you will be with that one person and no other person...maybe they like to break rules?

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