Fields of Gold  

mysteriesofme 44F
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4/11/2006 4:19 pm

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4/13/2006 10:54 pm

Fields of Gold

I kneel before the Master
of my emotions
For my colors
are his rainbow

There are strings..
they form a rope
One he is strong enough to pull back
( He just chooses not to )
you maybe in the "church"..
but He is the "POPE"..

He may let go from time to time
He may let you commune in my wine
but he knows..
what is his and what is mine
make no mistake..
there are moments
in between time

that no one can touch
no candle can even begin to shine
on this dance, of his and mine

he will let you cut in
he will even let you lead
he will even let me go
if he see's it is what I need

for I am his bestfriend
that will never change

...nor will the words he ever speaks
for they are the truth that line, promises

there is pain there, yes
for the truth can hurt..

but there is no doubt

if I am broken down
he will be the one
to build me back up

"See the west wind move like a lover so
Upon the fields of barley
Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
Among the fields of gold

I never made promises lightly...."
(Lyrics by Sting)

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tillerbabe 55F

4/12/2006 12:26 am

This took my breath away.

mysteriesofme replies on 4/12/2006 12:53 am:
Doc has a way with doing that.. he is good medicine.. if you need some..

toothysmile 50M
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4/13/2006 1:39 am

oh, so this is about doc?...

mysteriesofme replies on 4/13/2006 5:14 am:

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