Ever wonder what my first post was?  

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4/12/2006 10:54 am

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Ever wonder what my first post was?

lol.. I went to look for Docs poem.. and.. I don't know why.. but I always like going to the first post.. of others blog.. curious what mine was, since I had the old one, I deleted out, I looked..

Mine was dated on October 2, 2005 7:49am
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"Fantasy of Last Eve w/Tom"

Last night's fantasy - was on the dark side. I awoke to a man, on top of me - nylon stocking covering his face, all in black.. holding me down - tying my hands - while being verbally abusive. As I screamed and fought he gagged me. He was saying all sorts of things about how I teased him nightly by not closing the blinds.. sucking on my boyfriends cock, FUCKING HIM!! as well! He couldn't decide on my name though.. I was both bitch and cunt. (Color me amused) He was quite rough, I must of really pissed him off. He blindfolded my eyes.. restricted my legs.. and arms with rope. I was torn because, although this was horrifying... it was quite enjoyable all at the same time.. (I can't help it if twisted turns me on!) I could do nothing to fight after a while.. so I lay still and enjoyed the journey his hunger led him on... such desire in that boy... He couldn't wait to taste me.. although, he didn't need to bite my clit.. He was quite strong... strong enough to get me from my back to my stomach - all along verbally whispering as he thrust his cock up my ass.. while pulling my hair so hard I worried about my neck snapping... I wondered what neighbor he was? and was scared when the thought, FINALLY entered my mind as if I would see tomorrow or not..

He whispered to me as if able to read my mind about if I wanted to live... I'd not bite him or make a sound... he removed my gag.. as I was now on my back again.. tied hands up over my head, which was hanging off my captains bed... upside down... hands between his legs.. with the strong hands of his on me showing me "He had control" I also felt the cold steel of a knife.. trace up my stomach circling my nipples.. until it continutes to my throat, up to my chin.. then around my mouth... I trembled and pleaded.... and promised to follow his instruction.. (playing along) He told me to open my mouth.. and slid his cock, which was soo swollen it fel likeit was going to rip my mouth open.. and it made me hungry... starved for him... so starved I orgasmed in pleasure at the feel of this man in my mouth.. and I enjoyed sucking him and driving him WILD... I knew I was now in control of him... and Loved It. He because so wild.. enough he regained control and started pounding my face the way he pounded my ass earlier... I could feel his cock enter my throat and eventually choked on his satisfaction.. but made sure not to waste a drop..

He left me with a tender kiss..

I untied the ropes.. was free from all restraints within five minutes... Once my vision adjusted.. I saw the red rose at the foot of my bed... my heart still pounding.. totally alone in my house.. I looked to the window in the darkness of the night.. and opened the blinds.. to reveal the naked glass...

Grabbed my favorite toy, spread my legs... to give him a new view... as I finally.. found my last orgasm of the night..


4/13/2006 5:54 am

This one was my first wake up call that quite possibly you were not just a quaint, sweet and "properly wholesome" "dairy air", divorced ex house-wife.

And the fact that I specify "first wake up call" up there indeed infers that it was not the last one I got either

I'm hoping that evntually you include the entirety of all the blogs you've done here including all comments.

In other concurrent lives (but in different time periods ) I am an archivist of a wide variety of materials.


mysteriesofme replies on 4/13/2006 10:55 am:
you have been with me a long time.. haven't you..

wise one..

she sings Van Halen - "hot for teacher" mmmm Hmmmmm

hansum_strangrr 47M
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4/13/2006 9:22 am

I love the fantasy, but have somehow not taken part in one. If my partner is new to me and asks for it, I wonder if she is setting me up. I would love to trust a woman enough to surprise her, overpower her and fuck the shit out of her. I also liked the red rose part, but I think I'd have stayed behind and revealed my face and handed her the rose. Great blog

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

mysteriesofme replies on 4/13/2006 10:57 am:
*maybe I saw his face in the window* and just forgot to include that.. *

"Tom..." <-that's your name... giggling

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