Back in the Dentists Chair.. sigh  

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Back in the Dentists Chair.. sigh

'It is way to early to be driving in today' he thinks to himself, 'the sun hasn't even opened it's eyes yet..'

he pulls up to the small brick house that is trying to represent the dentists office, nestled among duplex's in the neighborhood. 'It's sign is on the front lawn..?' he wasn't impressed.

'no cars? I bet no one is even here..!'

as he walks around, there is a light in the window inviting him in.. he enters again, through another door as it locks behind him - hearing this he turns and tries it verifying the fact that it is locked. His ear sends him whispers of movement... He follows.. through the third door, down the hall - as his eyes see the origin of the light.

"Please have a seat" his eyes scan her body of long milky white thighs.. up to such a firm spankable ass.. spine perfect for tears to run down.. as the climax imagined in his mind was, 'oh so beautiful'...

she turned and once his eyes locked with hers he saw the whip within, along with her displeasured face.. He was seated. She mimic'd a stewardess as she purred adjusting the chairs position "Up right n back, enjoy your flight" said in sarcasm as the Child's giggle then bubbled out of her as Pink assisted with the restraints... for every piece that was secured.. the zipper came down to reveal a little more of what lie underneath that white mini-skirt professional costume? for she had no degree.. uh-uh, just connections - she thought to herself she'd have to reward the "locksmith" later, for helping her inside.. as she thought about her next crime - she could hear the purrs within.. as Pink lifted her miniskirt as she strutted over to the closet.. revealing to his eyes the floss that was wedged in between her cheeks.. also bright white colors.. mirroring perfect teeth

She turned the knob and slowly bent over to retrieve something.. as her right hand ran up the back of her leg and carressed her cheek... until it came back around and in..side checking for signs of wetness... as she admired the view in the chair and thought of what gift's lie beneath..

Grace brought things back to business as she stood straight up and wheeled out the gas... standing it- within his view.. the wretch remembered his teasing tongue from earlier memories.. she no longer wanted to be on that tip.. she wanted, no needed.. to grab a handful of his blackened hair and force that tongue all the way in.. grinding her sponge in his her wetness ran everyplace.. she soothed her desires as the valve molded within her hands..showing her pictures of him getting drooozy.. 'patience... patience... good things cum to those who wait'(Graces voice reminded) she removed her hand and scan'd his body as she walked towards his feet.. while her fingertip ran through the frosting of her cake

she undid his belt.. n button.. and as she heard the unziiiiiip she felt her teeth sink into his smile... 'that damn smile!'

she was disappointed his shirt had no buttons to send flying... or bite off... 'no matter' she shrugged as she removed the scissors from the tray.. she straddled over him cutting her way until she was at his throat, sooo tempting as her glance looked at the razor sharp scissors... Grace checked his vitals (worrying after hearing the Wretches thoughts)one hand on his neck.. one on his chest.. as the child appeared within her mind skipping towards the wretch's "bag of tricks" showing the Wretch the way..

she got off of this architects erection.. and mimic'd the child sarcastically skipping towards the she pulled out the blindfold..

he could her the childs mischieveous giggle as his vision was lost - he felt another pair of hands traces over his skin and then in one force ripping his pants clear off... well, to the restraints that secured his feet. (thanks for the clarification Grace <-evil eyes, with love, the Wretch )

Silence fell over the room as all stopped frozen with the new presence that's around these days.. like "god" to them, for they are sooo use to her sitting in the shadows observing- the crowded room emptied one by one until the door was silently shut with respect.. the wretch played with her keys, as she stood in the hall.. Grace kept her eyes on her and the child, who colored pictures of rainbows leading to gold... Pink kept her ear to the door behind Graces back,as she smiled toothy's smile..

He lie still.. her hand shadowed his chest as she felt his warm ways emitting as he breathed.. she once again felt her virginity.. in place. As she noticed here lie a Man before her..

Her hands removed his blindfolds... untied his hands... feeling embarrassed for the first time.. she untied his feet... as thoughts of washing them, came to her eyes....

she stood straight up, ready for to make the bed her parts have made for her.. awaited his words and actions as her breaths made the sound of the sea's waters at wage.. with the shore... studying, this new situation.. they've placed her in *her eyes gave a thanks a lot look to the door*.. as his hand took her wrist and pulled her in.. his smile brought her surprised laugh... as she then bathed clean in his eyes... her's? lowered down to his smile.. she wasn't afraid to feel that kiss... as his other hand lifted up her skirt.. she felt the "NOO" of first times... and then saw trust echo in her soul through the window of his... she Pink entered the room...with her knowledge and joined in...slowly rising.. slowly falling.. with times shadows of the moon..
small towns turning into cities..
cities into capitals
into life reflected upon ocean's mirrors..

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I am lost in a cloud of ecstasy...

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mysteriesofme He is??? 'innocent bat of eyelashes' {=}

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