"A Dinner and a Show"  

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"A Dinner and a Show"


...that steak on his plate made my mouth water for a piece of meat all of my own.. my eyes dropped over the edge of the table as I drown that thought of mine in some wine..

Trying to be patient, now totally amused all at once.. At the owner being right with her choice.. yet again.. 'yummy' as I swirled it around my tongue.. easily distracted, as always.

He took a bite of the steak, his eyes closed with delight.. I wanted to experience that with him, especially that mouth..

I knew this would drive me nuts.. for I was hungry.. not only for him.. but for what I knew I'd end up ordering for him as well.. I began fidgeting in my chair.. my eyes kept focusing on the buttons of my dress that wanted to be undone.. but instead I just looked out at the Fox River and it's swirling ripples as the fresh nights air brought jasmine to my nose.. My eyes dropped down to my purse and saw right through it's black leather.. seeing what was there.. I took in a deep breath and had some more wine.. trying to concentrate on what he had to say but.. trying to talk myself into, what I planned on doing.

Andrew came in and let me know that he'd be our waiter for the rest of the night.. they were closing a hour early.. due to no one coming in.. Which.. actually helped- sooth me- a lot actually, in that moment.

"Thank-you.. You can go if you want to to.. I'll clean up, I promise.."

"I'll keep that in mind.. but, I wanted a drink anyhow.." he said already walking out the door and closing it behind him.. I saw the lights in the main dining room, which was behind my guest - go off.. and it seemed to quiet the outside traffic over the Main Street Bridge as well.. although the two weren't connected, just my thought.

New scents filled the room, whispering of what is soon to come - 'rain'

I bit my bottom lip, once again looking at his plate.. and then in those eyes.. my hands rested in my lap.. and undid a few buttons.. as the steak wasn't the only thing oozing with juices

he didn't notice, so I went to the other end and undid some... stopping just below my bra..

he set down his silverware and looked towards the door..

"they don't lock" (I lied, plea's forgive me)

I took a deeeeep breath and watched his eyes try not to look.. and laughed when I saw.. they did..

My fingers came back up to the next button, but didn't undo it just touched each one desending until in went to the next one not undone from the bottom..

he finally noticed.. as I pulled the fabric to the side.. showing him what was at the top of my thigh


My fingers worked their way between these pale freckle kissed thighs of mine.. as I leaned back in my chair.. and tenderized my flesh, with my finger.. "How's your steak?" purring as my grin extended..

My other hand.. entered into my bra and pinching at my nipple and squeezing all it could as 'more than a handful' entered my mind...

My eyes joined the dance as his did earlier and rolled back beneath the lids, from all these tantalizing tastes.. of my heart strings melodies

I removed my hand from my bra.. and drank some more wine..

"Eat.. You must eat.. and NOT ME EITHER..." as I seen where those thoughts of his took him..

I pushed my chair back.. pretty far to give him a full view and then reached into my purse.. and pulled out "the dolphin"... as I became unlady like.. and spread my legs.. (to bad he won't punish me later for that, sigh..) and turned on it's vibrating fin and delighted in it's ascent to the mountain top of my nerves..

My guest, no longer was there to me.. as I climbed into my emotions.. and enjoyed

butttt, when I did open my eyes.. I saw he wasn't alone..

I fought off the "oh shit" feelings/thoughts.. as I had some lips I needed sealing then and there.. I locked eyes with Andrew... as his OMG eyes dropped between my thighs.. I lifted a leg to give him a better view.. and getting into a much more enjoyable feeling as well mmmmmm

and he seemed to know just what to do

He turned his back on my guest.. which amused me.. and stroked what was caged in his pants..

"This dance of ours just keeps getting better, Andrew.." referring to this game of tease we've been playing with each other for over a year..

he undid his belt.. and the button..

I became worried as I felt my heart drop.. at what he all was planning on doing - thinking there was no way - he was putting that inside of me - but then noticed him turn around and looking at 'my guest' out of the corner of his eye and then back at me.. with a smile on his face.. I knew it was safe..

He pulled out what was swollen.. only revealing it to me as his back was turned to my guest- as this guest saw only the motion of his arm from behind..

I entered the spinning shaft of the dolphin deep into me as I watched his hand slide up and down.. on the ascent pulling the skin up along with his hand.. the precum followed his hand on the way down...

The chef made me drool... within my mind

Playing along with this new game of Andrews'... I was unbelieveably all worked up.. never been so desperate - for fulfillment of this screaming within - I kinda forgot where I was, for the most part.. my mind thinking funny things.. as always..

"glad he's done cooking.."
"I wonder what the chef's whipping up now.."
and finally leading to the wolf's mouth watering grin of "NOW DAMN IT"

"I wonder what the chef tastes like.."

my breathing increased.. as did my motion and my moans.. my body dancing in the chair along with all the flames in the room.. as I raced him to the top of our orgasms..

he beat me there..

and I found mine... as I was choking on his...

as he zipped up.. I bent over and picked up my napkin.. pulled in my chair as I wiped my smile.. and tried to take off my blush.. with it as well..

I nonchalantly asked Andrew what was for dessert...

"the chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, in your room.." he winked at me like always.. and left wishing that we have a good night

I just waited for my guests words.. unable to look him in the eyes...

(to be continued)

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4/10/2006 10:07 pm

what makes you think he won't punish you for that later?... ~wink~

mysteriesofme replies on 4/11/2006 4:55 pm:
promises promises

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