quickies before work...  

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12/11/2005 4:16 am

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quickies before work...

A quickie before a long hard day sure does help...today being saturday and having to drudge thru another long day just didn't seem to be highly disired...some I moped outta bed started my normal morning stuff, and saw the roomat pourin coffee...went behind her and hugged her, she turned around kissed me on the cheek and said mornin and I said hee hee as soon as I get ya outta that robe(lame I know but hey I just got up)then she said we both got to get to work we don't have time and being the casanova I am I said I promise I'll get done quick, and well I guess I wasn't expecting her to agree but she said hell with it its saturday they should be happy were showing up sober and only a little late so we took off our clothes and bam got in a quickie before work...as romanic as I know this must sound I got a call at work from her talling me that this brief interlude was the only thing getting her through this day...so to end this story (it took me longer to write than the ackual event)I'm now at home relaxing and not so frustrated that I had to work on a saturday...

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12/11/2005 5:29 am


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