The first time  

myownthang1 38M
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12/17/2005 6:58 pm

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The first time

I realized that relationships are like cars. The newness wears out, the miles add up and it's time to trade it in and get a new one.

I love the excitement you first have with a new person, like buying a new car. I wish that feeling could last forever.

Sadly reality always sets in. Meeting each others family, working to much, bills, living together, it all takes it's toll and slowly burns your relationship out.

How do some people keep that spark? Just like an old car can be fixed up like new. Can you have that same feeling in a tired relationship?

Mysterium662000 50M/39F

12/17/2005 8:36 pm

Older cars need lots of maintenence. Sometimes you forget to change the oil in a timely manner and the next thing you know, your plugs are fouled, your filters are clogged and even a little bit too much rev can throw a rod; and then, there you are stuck on the side of the road . . .alone.

Make your significant other your best friend or it's already over. Even if you don't know it yet . . .

LordsBitedStood 64M
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12/17/2005 9:51 pm

Yes you can!!!!! Go back and look at what made you desire each other in the first place. Put the romance back in it and keep it new and exciting. Take time to plan special getaways together, even if just out for a night sans kids, cell phones, work, or thoughts of each. Just the two of you doing things that make each realize you still find the other desireable and interesting. This works even if you can only plan a getaway just once a month. The little things in between work also. If she cooked dinner, get up when you finish and clear the table and send her to watch TV or take a reaxing bath while you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. Leave her a note and single rose to find when you leave for work that tells her how special she is to you. Call and tell her during the day that while you were day dreaming she crossed your mind and you just thought she might like to know. You may take exception to my comments as it seems as though the male is doing all the work. Granted it may seem that way and should, because when we stop the romance part then the women in our lives begin to feel unappreciated and that bridge between us begins to widn across that valley between us. I we keep the romance alive to our women then they will return the things we love without having to ask.
We as men desire our women to be a lady in public and a slut in the bedroom. If you want that then treat her as that lady, romance her, pamper her at times and she will reward you in ways you have always wanted. If she has gained some weight and you would like her to lose it, don't tell her she has gained it. Tell her that you find her sexy still, make her feel sexy with your actions. Then suggest that you both go to the park and walk some in the evening or maybe if you workout already, take her along one day and walk her thru a workout she can handle, her speed not yours. If she bites then take a day and watch the kids and let her go down and do her own workouts without worrying about housework, the kids, or dinner. Do it for her for that day. Relationships are not 50/50 they are 100/100 if you do not put as much into it as she does to take care of you then it will burn out over time. This is extremely true if you boh work outside the home.

Not sharing all the responsibility equally will result in a loss over time and probably one or the other seeking something else to regain that spark. Yes guys they do yearn for a change just as us but most of the time will just stay miserable until you cheat. We get caught being stupid, they don't.

Sharing like this you will help relieve some stress in your life, learn to communicate with each other better, and work as a partnership to resolve the things that disrupt our lives.

Good luck in your relationship and ladies if you are looking for that kind of guy, I happen to be single, LOL.

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