Older Woman  

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6/19/2006 4:36 pm

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Older Woman

I have always had a thing for older woman. Ever since I started having sex. My first encounter with a older woman was when I was 17 and I had sex with my next door neighbor who was 42. It blew my mind. We kind of had this on and off sexual relationship for about a year. Now that I am older and way more mature than when I was 17 I just can't seem to find a mature lady who takes me seriously. I have yet to even talk to a woman on this site who doesn't dismiss me as "whatever youngin" or "sorry, baby, but your just to young for me"!

I don't intentionally seek the older woman out, I am open to all ages. But when I go to bars and hook up with a lady who has a few number of years on me, she's totally into me back at her place or in my car, but then all of a sudden after they have thier fix of young cock, it totally goes back to "well, I really don't think thier is much here, your so young and all".

Gets me everytime.

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