siesta to fiesta  

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4/3/2005 12:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

siesta to fiesta

Rested and ready. Nap did little good on friday afternoon, but a full night sleep did me wonders.

Refreshed I "gots to have" stuff and then headed to a favorite store to restock the wine for the week. Love that wine with dinner, doesn't seem like a complete meal without the fruit of the vine.

I go to a chain store that I believe originated out west, it is called "cost plus" on the left coast, great prices/selection of wine, beer, food, and all kinds of things for the home.

Love shopping here, very friendly, courteous, and several stunning 40 something ladies working here.

I am perusing the wines and 2 ladies come out of the back storeroom and walk by, asking "Are you finding everything this morning?"

"Yes, thank you" I reply, looking up to see that one of the ladies is the tall, light brown, dark blonde haired lady. She smiles and says something to her co-worker and turns and comes down the aisle towards me, smiling.

"The wine you asked about the "Bernadus Cab" I found a couple of bottles in the back, would you be interested in them?" she asks.

"Certainly, I love the "Bernardus". I reply

"Well follow me, I need help getting it off the higher racks, if you don't mind helping." she says leading me to the back.

I follow her back through the entry. Dark, Musky, shelving to the ceiling, my eyes adjust and I see her at the end of the aisle. She has a little step ladder and walks down two aisles and stops in the back, puts the ladder down opens it and climbs the first step, as I arrive at her side.

"Put your basket down, and just be ready to catch me if I fall", she says smiling, and climbs 2 more steps and reaches up and pulls one, then another bottle. Hands them down to me and descends to the bottom step.

I look at the labels and in the darkness realize I don't recognize the label. Not Bernadus, much to my chagrin. I look up and she sees the disappointment in my eyes and smiles. Places a hand on my shoulder and turns her head a bit. Leans into me and says, "I just wanted to be alone with you."

Smiling now I stammer out a "Yeah? I...I.." as she places her arms around my neck and pulls me to her. As I kiss her, I want to hug her, but I have a bottle of wine in each hand. A long, soft, kiss, she presses her breasts to me as our lips part. She is at the perfect height for me. I feel her arms drop to my arms and feel her take the wine from me. One step back and up, she reaches over me and sets the wine on a shelf behind me.

She leans forward from above me, my hands go to each side of her hips, she leans her head doen and we kiss again, our mouths open, and I feel her tongue touching mine, her weight comes forward and my hands move up her back, pulling her to me. She wraps a leg around my waist as our tongues press hard against each other.

She sucks my tongue into her mouth and runs her fingers through my hair. Breaks the kiss and moans as she slurps in some air. Arches her back and slides her chest up to my face and pulls my head down, burying my face aginst her straining shirt. My blood is lava hot, my mind dizzy with wanton desire, as my mouth finds a hard nipple pressing through her bra and shirt. I suck on her nipple and gently press my lips together on her.

Pressing hard to me, biting my ear lobe, her moans and breathing are loud and intoxicating. I caress her breasts with my face and gather the other nipple in my mouth and gently bite her, she "YIPS" and press her breast hard to my mouth, "Oh God, Yes." and then pulls my head back and dives her lips to mine, open, wet, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

This elicits a deep guttural moan from me, I am about to explode, I feel molten heat building in my throbbing cock.

"LISA, LISA, YOU'RE NEEDE UP FRONT !!" blares from a speaker somewhere in the shelving. "LISA, LISA, PLEASE COME TO THE FRONT!!" repeats as we break our embrace. Lise straighten my hair, pulls me to her for a quick kiss and says, "The boss must be here, I have to go, let's hurry, " as she steps off the ladder, straightening her twisted shirt, and smoothing her hair. Walking briskly we glide out the stockroom entryway, Lisa disappears to the left and I stroll to the middle of the wine displays, find that I need another basket as mine is on the floor in the back.

I fill a basket with wine and casually walk to the front, looking for Lisa as I go, approaching the front door/register area, i see Lisa talking with a man and 3 children. Getting in line, I hear one the children say, "Mom," as the man "Sshhs" her. I pay and leave as Lisa continues her conversation.

Bewildered, stunned and yet thrilled with what just occurred, I walk to the car, put the wine in the trunk, look back to the store front where Lisa is still talking. I drive home, 1000's of thoughts racing through my mind, replaying what happened, enjoying the lustful pleasure as I notice her scent is all over me.

bella_ 47F
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4/5/2005 12:30 pm

That was so beautiful. Sometimes the best experiences are those we don't coordinate ourselves or expect for that matter. Isn't it wonderful when a woman (or a man for that matter) is able to express her desire for a man even unknown to her. This is passion, lust! I would live my life only for these experiences.

sportyfun56 106M

4/6/2005 8:27 am

Man that is a wonderful tale.
It never happens enough that a woman just takes it upon herself to do that. Of course men can't really do that or we'd all be in jail. Women do have the ability to pull something like that off successfuly because, well, we are men after all... hehehe. But to set you up like that? That shows creativity. I love that... lol.

And yes, most men would be bewildered, stunned, and thrilled if something like that had happened to them. I'm still waiting.. lol

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