a shift in positions ???  

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3/19/2006 1:10 pm

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a shift in positions ???

How things change in our perceptions over the years....
when comparing our elective process to that of communist and socialist elctions during the "cold war era", it was comical to see the election results from the closed elections of the "other" societies on our newscasts.....

" in Elections in_______ 100% of the "so and so" party were "elected" in what we perceived as a choiceless process.

Watching "Real Time" on hbo, Bill Maher, stated that in the past elections, we, re-elect 99% of the incumbents!! Yet in recent Polls, Congress has only a 32% approval rate!!

Sadly it is comical, how we do this to ourselves, with the aid of our political parties changing voting districts(gerry mandering)boundaries, to ensure the continued election of their party members, effectively limiting the power of the vote.

We are not satisfied with the job of congress as a whole, but are happy with the representation of our reps from our district and state, it is the "other" voters who have it wrong!!

Voters are the 400 lb. Gorilla that is being manipulated by our own handlers/politicians tossing a banana at our feet(paid for by the Corporations) and us bending over and ......

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