Who is DOING WHOM ? part II  

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11/7/2005 5:57 pm

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Who is DOING WHOM ? part II

Ahhh there she is. Standing up at the bar with 2 of her gal pals. they see me looking and the "performer", Kelly, smiled and "hushed" her friends as I walked up.
I looked at her 2 friends, smiled and said, "It is time to go ladies."

they looked at me and Michelle, the ring leader of the trio said, "We thought we were staying. With err.. ahh.. Kelly"

"No, Kelly is staying with me, but it is solo, sorry ladies but everyone is leaving tonight."
I said rather dryly. I looked at kelly, and moved a step closer and gently took her hand in mine.

kelly squeezed my hand and looked at her 2 friends and said, "Yeah, I'll be O'kay, y'all can go." she eased up on her toes and whispered in my ear, "You're going to take care of me, right?"

I just squeezed her hand, and nodded. "Just wait for me right here, I have to pick up the registers, and walk the bar, and get everybody going home." and I went about closing up, and telling the emps. that I wanted them to finish up quickly tonight.

I gathered up the cash drawers and nodded at kelly to follow me into the office. Closing the door, I set the tills on the desk and pulled a chair over to the desk and asked Kelly to sit.

Kelly walked over and sat, as I crossed behind her I got a wonderful whiff of her scent, i stopped, she looked up at me, I eye balled he up and down. She took in my gaze, and sat erect in the chair, and reached out to rub my thigh and smiled.

She winked and said, "finish up, I'm in a dancing mood!"

I flew thru the counting, and verified the paper work and locked the money up in the safe, and said, "Let's go see if the guys are finished, would you llike something to drink while we wait?"

"No, I am fine, I want to be able to dance for you!" she said as we walked out into the club.

Much to my surprise, everything was done and all the guys but 2 were gone. I checked everything, and kind of got suspicious at the disappearnce of all the crew, without any requests for a closing beer! LQQking at the 2 that were left, I knew something was up.

"Okay, lets go", I said and started walking to the door, getting out my keys, "I'm setting the alarm" I annonced as I was walking. with that the "long gone" emps came out of their hiding places , behind curtains on the stage, from behind the Dj booth, and to my surprise I heard a couple drop to the floor from above a couple of the dance cages!!

I just stood there smiling and shaking my head, as they walked by, one the bartenders said, "I thought she was going to strip for him here?"

I just laughed at him, and said, "What does everybody know about this, and was I the last one to know?"

they just walked out the door, the last one turning to say, "Your one lucky SOB"!

Yes indeed I am, I thought to my self as I turned the key in the lock!

caressmewell 53F

11/7/2005 7:05 pm

OK, ready for part III!

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