What happens in Vegas....Still makes me smile  

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5/26/2006 11:21 am

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What happens in Vegas....Still makes me smile

Memorial Weekend, 16 years ago, We arrived for our yearly Vegas League Bowlers Weekend, this year, our hotel was the Golden Nugget.

It was my fifth year with the league, and this year I brought along my Lady, a scholarshipped
"B baller", 6'3" inches tall, Raven Black hair, and legs that stretched almost all the way back to Texas.

Drinks on the plane, drinks while waiting to check in, and then out to the pool. Her skin was glistening with lotion and lovely droplets of sweat, she caught me looking, and gave me that alluring signal...One Raised eye brow and it was on.... Hurriedly gathering up our things, dashing from the poolside, into the nipple hardening A/C off the casino, into an elevator.

A deep, tempting kiss, our body heat, lotion and sweat, lightly gluing our bodies together. Off the elevator and to our door, inside, the door and she has her bikini untied and at her feet, naked standing in view of the door, as I Jump out of my Baggies.

the door clicks shut and INFUEGO, she steps to me, looking with carefree sexual abandon into my eyes, i feel her warm hand wrap around my dick, and she pulls me to her.
Sex is our bond, her body fits my 6'5" frame like a tight glove, and I have met my sexual match, "I want YOU" is always in her eyes.

the cool air, and the heat from our lotioned up skin causes goose bumps to explode on our skin, she holds me firmly as we writhe in our embrace, she rubs my dick on her lower pelvis, and begins to turn in my arms, holding my dick to her hip and across her cheeky ass.
She knows I love that ass, and squeezes me HARD in her grip, and pulls me to the bed, and kneels on the edge, Holding me, guiding me, bending over as she presses the mushroom to her lips.
Rolling my dick along her lips, she presses her hips back and I push forward, gliding inside her, she HeeHaws in pleasure, and presses me inside her to the hilt, and holds me inside her, moaning, as she grinds and rolls that ass into my hips.

I grind and press to go deeper, I pull her legs wider apart, and then pree forward, driving my hips into her, we press down to the mattress with wonderful force. Pressing back into me, she challenges me, "Bring It, big boy" her head turning sideways, her hair clinging in the sweat on my face.

We raise up with equal fury, slamming into each other, skin slapping, Pelvis to ass, I struggle to find that firm grip, the sweat and lotion only increase our intense search for that position.
wildly flailing, back and forth, Grunting, grinding, I grab her shoulders and impale her and hold her to me. Thrust up into her, Pulling her to me, continuously rolling my chest and shoulders, pressing hard inside her, until we collapse on the bed.

3 deep breathes, and she presses out from under me, we are sticky, glued to each other, covered in sweat and sex... grunting as she pulls out from under me, the comforter frustrating her attempts to move as it clings to her. Finally she is able to roll on her back and I slide on top of her. her knees pull up around me, and she grabs the headboard above her and pulls herself up off the mattress. I press deep into her.
I slide my hands under her knees, and around her thighs, suspending her body in the air, her hips pump and gyrate on me, I struggle to get more of my weight under her hips, and we find control.

"OOh, yes, and we go from a few soft, long strokes to jack hammering lust, I feel the knot build at the base of my dick, and the surge travel upward, and she responds in kind, wetness explodes from her, and somehow our speed increases.
Her chin is pressed to her chest, Her nostrils flare with her gushing breath, her eyes struggle to meet mine as I feel the burning stream surge through me and into her, Pulling me into her, and squeezing her legs around me, her heels kick me in the back, as the lust comes to fruition....

The headboard gives away, and pulls loose from the wall, her hands snap off the headbard, and I pull her to me...over me, onto me, on to my back on the bed, and she slides horizontically up my chest and buries my face between her engorged lips, we both slide off the bed as her feet find the floor.
She stops her momentum as I slide off the bed between her open legs to the floor on a cushion of comforter, finally coming to a stop.
Squealing with laughter she looks down between her legs, at me, I begin to choke with laughter and she sits on my chest and slumps forward in laughter.
Laughter echoes off the walls, every time we almost stop, our eyes meet and she laughs harder, finally managing to say, "I guess you Saw Me Coming"!

good memories of the Vegas league, My "B baller" and Memorial Weekend!

sideline1968 48F

5/26/2006 1:17 pm

See what happens when you stay away too long! You can't control yourself on the blog site! lol

THIS was ... I want to say tastefully desirable (don't ask me why but that's what came to mind) I REALLY enjoyed reading it.

mygmyg 59M

5/26/2006 3:11 pm

glad you enjoyed SL,

thanks for pressing my "GO" button!!

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