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turning and walking to kelly, I couldsee that she was a bit....

Apprehensive, nervously forcing a smile, and shifting her weight from foot to foot.

"Why don't you pick some music, I'll get us a drink while you do that." i said crossing behind the bar.

"Okay," she said and strolled over to the DJ booth. I watched as her lovely bottom swayed with each step, feeling myself becoming aroused, as I poured a tall Chopin over some ice and squeezed a couple of limes and added a splash of soda.

I walked over to the DJ booth and eased in behind Kelly, and began to slowly lower the lights until the only lights were the 2 pin lights over the CDs and the vinyls. I stepped up close behind kelly, gently pressing up against her, she responded and leaned her weight against mine.

"Kinda of scary in here, all alone," she said, flipping through the records.

"OH, but you're not ALONE!" I whispered in her ear, and gently, slowly dragged my tongue down the side of her neck.

Her hand dropped against my side and pulled me to her.

She placed a couple of discs into the player, and couple of records onto the platters, I turned on the fog machins to warm it up and set the strobe remote in my pocket, and then started programming the discs.

the bass boomed throughout the club, I took Kelly by the hand and led her up to the Multi-tiered cage, a huge strobe light directly over head and a fog outlet in the floor.

I started the strobe, very slowly, flashing, kelly flung her hair as she turned, Her arms wrapping around herself, hips moving in flashes as she moved closer and in a flash back away from me.
Kelly's face lit up in a seductive smile, a finger gliding into her mouth, and then down the front of her chest, between her breasts, and down to the edge of her skirt and into the top of the waist of the skirt.
turning her back to me, she lifted her skirt up, showing me her cheeks, instantly covered again between flashes of the strobe, smiling as she looked at me back over her shoulder.

Stepping to me, she squatted down, running her hands over my chest, her knees splayed wide open, she pulled my by my shirt between her legs, and ran her hands through my hair, flashing, flashing flashing of the strobe.

She pulled my lips to her mouth and licked my lips, tasting me, and then pressed my head downinto her breasts, held me there long enough for me to find an erect nipple with my mouth and then rose, slowly, pressing my face to her belly and then into her crotch.

She stepped back, and then forward, pulling her skirt up and pressing her pantied crotch to my face for but 1 second. then disappeared in a gust of fog that erupted from the fog machine.

Oh, I was hard, and harder pressed not to just jump up on the platform and go after her. She reappeared, in the flash, and fog, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, and dancing, popping her hips to the beat of the music.

She pulled her shirt open, flapping it against her skin, and then turned and dropped it to the floor. She unbottoned the back of her skirt, and then sloowwwwlllly unzipped it, letting it fall first from one hip, and then turned to face me and let it fall from the other hip. Her panties were high cut and accentuated her hips, she straightened her legs and turned her back to me. Holding her legs straight she bent at the waist and down, down, that skirt traveled, over her thighs, knees and calves to the floor.

Kelly stepped out of the skirt and grabbed the pipe railing and began to roll her hips to the music. throwing her hair back and then forward, whirling it around and around. It was quite erotic, the strobe flashing and the fog flowing across the silhouette of her body.

Kelly slowed and reached her hands between her breasts and unclasped her bra, opening the bra and cupping a breast in each hand. She turned and slowly walked to me, stepping closer, slowly with each brilliant flash of the strobe. Stopping 2 feet in front of me, she carressed her brests, her hair falling over her face, she closed her eyes as she caressed and squeezed herself.

Moving her hands to the side she pulled her hard nipples and rubbed tham slowly, twisting them until they were fully erect. she stepped to me and holding one breast reached into the drink taking ice out and began rubbing her nipples, teasing herself.i took a drink as she stepped closer to me.

She knelt down and leaned forward and put the ice cube in my wanton mouth. leaned her head to mine, covering my face with her hair, and then leaned up and stopped as her nipple came to rest against my lips.

I licked her nipple and then sucked it into my mouth, she caressed my ears and arched her back, and slid forwardopening her legs to press her crotch against me.

i alternated licking and sucking her breasts, licking them slowly until they shined in the flashing strobe light. kelly pressed herself to her feet, pushing down on my shoulders, rising up, inches from my face until her crotch was in my face. she moved her hands to the back of my head and pressed my face to her panties, her scent filled my nostrils, My hands slid up the back of her legs and I could feel the heat between her legs as I fondled her ass.

kelly lifted a leg and wrapped it around my neck, and leaned back and grabbed the pipe rail behind her, balanced she pressed her crotch to me. I could taste her wetness through her panties, my nose rubbing against her and then my tongue pressing to get inside her. I pulled the tops of her panties down, loosening the material between between her legs, slipping my tongue in from the side, tasting her fully, feeling her puffed, flush lips on my tongue.

Kelly unhooked her leg from behind my neck and pressed her legs together forcing my tongue from her. I pulled her panties down, she was bent backward at the waste, all her weight pressing against the pipe railing. She stepped out of her panties and eased her legs apart, opening herself to my tongue, I cupped her ass in my hands as I parted her lips with my tongue. Tasting her as my tongue traced the length of her lips, I sucjed her into my mouth, as she pressed her self onto my tongue and began to shake.

"Wait, wait" she said almost panic stricken, "I can't hold myself, hold me, pull me to you, pull me!" as she pressed away from the railing and her weight came to me and she slid to her knees.

"Sorry, I couldn't hold myself up like that, sorry!" she gasped out. I held her in my arms, she was folded at her knees, supported by my hands in the middle of her back.

I layed her down ont eh platform, and then pulled her knees up to my shoulders, She lay splayed wide open, as I descended lower, my tongue trailing down her inner thigh until I reached her lips. As my tongue touched her, she trembled and arched her back, grabbed me by the ears and pressed me deep inside her.

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11/9/2005 7:50 pm

Very hot. Looking forward to part 4.

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