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9/18/2005 10:27 am

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Prying my pervin' and perusing eyes from the blogs on Sat. and Sun. is near impossible. Once I delve into the area of your thoughts, fantasies, revelations and suggestions the hook, line, sinker and yes even the bobber are easily gulped ravenously by my insatiable lust.

The hope, and hunger for flesh is linked to this obsession if only your words could reach out and "touch" my physical being. Wonder what the monthly rates AdultFriendFinder could charge for that.

The next generation of interactive game "boxes" for men and the of course a "Playstation" for the ladies. hooked directly through the video cam, the "box" or "station" is properly positioned and with the video cam and "The Game Begins".

The control pod will definitely bring those of us who have been unable to master the "thumb" technique used by younger video wizards, to a rapid mastery of the gizmos.

Of course these "Stations and Boxes" will be packages in 3's, "two receptors and one giver", "one receptor and 2 givers" and the ever popular "3 givers".

these wonders of technology will have extensive memory capabilities, for that replay at your own desire and convenience.

Talk about being "WIRED FOR SEX" and never getting away from the computer. The phrase "GETTING OFF THE COMPUTER" brings knowing smiles from fellow co-whorts at work. That silly smile, funny glassed over eyes look and energy zapped staggering walk around the cubicles at work is a tell tale sign of "too much work at home".

What I wouldn't give, obviously, for some actual physical contact!!!

Slake me, Slake me

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