Is that you KNOCKING  

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7/22/2005 3:51 pm

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Is that you KNOCKING

Missing being out in the working world, I find myself back at work doing one of my weekly duties at the bar, inventory. not such a bad thing, place is empty and the owner has left to run errands after a meeting with an advertising sales lady.

The lady, Lisa, is a very attractive, always professional, friendly in that sexy way you ladies are, whether you're meaning to be or not.

So, I crank up the music, and get back to weighing the liquor, clip board on the counter, the scales bouncing with each bottle, when I hear the knocking at the door.

Opening the door, noone there, what the? I step outside and the vision that is Lisa, comes around the corner, smiling.

"Forget something?" I ask.

"No, I just wanted something, can we go inside?" she responds.

I open the door and look at her as she walks by rather closely. We walk into the darkness of the club, blinded momentarily, I feel her, she has stopped, I am right behind her. Her scent fills my nostrils, I place a hand on her side, she jumps just a bit, and laughs.

"I can't see anything, it's kinda scary!" she turns, as the door closes and latches with a thud. "I didn't think you could hear me knocking, and I was afraid bruce would see me come back. I don't want him to know. I feel silly, doing it this way but..." and her voice trails off.

"Well, I just wanted to.." and she goes up on her toes and pulls me by the arm to her, and kisses me.

Oh this heaven, we start slow and with soft kisses and light embraces, and soon the tongue tango is griping us both, my hands gliding over her wonderful curvy bottom, pulling her almost out of her shoes.
We move to the edge of the front bar and I ease her up onto the bar top, and she wraps her legs around my waist and we are INFUEGO!! Fire burning out of control, the phone rings!! and I let it ring, but I have to answer it.

It is for Lisa, someone from her office, she is standing with her back to me, and I am quietly carressing her all over from this vantage point, nuzzling her neck as my hands roam her hips, then across the front of her thighs and over her lower abdomen. Lustily taking in the scent of her hair, running my nose across the back of her neck and against the back of her head, She leans all her weight back against me, rolling her hips against me. Lisa covers the end of the phone with both hands and raises her arms upward keeping the airpiece to her ear, exposing her body to my wanton hands. My hands gently press against her breasts and she moans and stutters "YYYyyyeeeessss baby, OOooooohhhhh yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh". which gets a guttural mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm from me.

Lisa pulls her arms down and says "Okay, I'll get over there in 10 minutes and take care of that." and drops the phone onto the receiver, and steadies herself on the counter.

A deep breath to gather herself... and she turns and smiles, saying, "This turned out better than I had hoped! You are a wonderful Devil, I have to run, where will you be around 6 o'clock?"

"Waiting for you" is my hopeful reply.

Yeah, those wonderful days of working in the night club are sorely missed!

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