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1/5/2006 3:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Something that has popped in and out of my empty mind from a blog of an early 20s Lady(23, if memory serves).
Now this is lifted out of context, but it was her general description of her "sexual prime" as being now.

NOW HOLD ON THERE LADY!!!! Is it not accepted that generally a ladies sexual prime is a bit "further on up the road" of life????
Yes individually exceptions occur, but I do believe after initially wondering to myself,"how mis-(miss)-informed this statement was, I was wrong. And so is the concept, now wait a minute, Ladies, You still get the second "Prime Time", but I believe you Ladies in most instances get a "DOUBLE DIP" from the PRIME TIME VAT!!

Ladies the first Ladle from the Vat comes/came during the teen/20s, thankfully coinciding with ours, the male, serving from the vat. We all know this was an extraordinary sexual time for us and it takes 2 to "really" tango.
This is a time for self and then mutual exploration if one is lucky (Some much Luckier, than others, You dirty bastards!!).

Now the sex thing stays with us, each in different intensity, and since males are only getting one spoon full, it is only natural that we cling to this with our "every 30 seconds" mental visits to our "prime". "Extending and Lengthening" is not only a Physical wish for us, our demise is taught to us at an early age and YES, we fight the thought continually to our demise, or discovery of those "Blue Pills".

"Further Down the Road" suddenly,"BLAM, we re-unite, mentally, on this path. Some males have withered on the vine physically, but still mentally willing to travel this road.
Unfortunately all our "Hand Waving" has somehow left us a bit "LEG" weary.

One of Lifes' little jokes--pun not intended ladies- your enjoying this way too much!!! While on the other "Hand" (on the keyboard) a TRUE INJUSTICE to both of us!!!

Now if you Ladies will just walk slowly in front of me, and give me that hair tossing, hips swaying image that is so alluring and arrousing, I'll try and match you stride for stride!!

If I stumble......perhaps you'll offer a friendly HAND!!

mygmyg 59M

1/7/2006 11:12 am

Divine One, Nice to know you'd offer that helping hand!!

Now about that "Oh Too Damn sexy Hair Fling" in combination with those Alluring eyes!! reduces me to a stumbling and bumbling.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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1/7/2006 1:03 pm

In some ancient cultures...it was the older women who were assigned the responsibility of instructing the younger men in the matters of sex. To my way of thinking a very wise thing to do.

In my personal experience...sexual desire was very intense in my late teens into my 20's. But now that I've reached...what I consider my best time...the desire is back even more intensely than before...and I reap the benefits of no worries about getting pregnant. (Safe sex practiced here...or only with partners I know to be safe.) It is true...that orgasms are more intense after menopause...and so is the wanting.


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