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12/23/2005 10:13 pm

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Fleece...not the Golden Fleece that was sought by Jason and the Argonauts, but the "material" of todays "what I'm wearing" generation.

When you touch this garment, what do your senses tell you? I for some reason get the Wookies, I want to growl and scream like Chewbacka!!

What the flying F%#$ is this sheeit made of? I know from personal experience, it doesn't burn, it melts! very slowly, had a cigarette pressed to a sweater(brand spanking new) in an attempt to garner my attention. The flame retardant treatment kept the sweater from transferring the heat.
Without the chemical treatment, what happens to this "material? Does it burst into flame, like a petroleum based product, or does it just melt at such a high heat that a flame is never observed?
I think the latter, as I can't tell that there is anything breathable about this material. I prefer not wearing anything that I could be suffocated in.
When I touch this stuff, I get the feeling of a cat with a hair ball in my throat, choke, gag, and then that Chewbaka growling scream feeling erupts in my gut. Oh, I suppress the feeling, but if I could replicate the sound, to ground trembling volume, I would let it rip.

This is not the material of "swaddling clothes" , I think that it is so chemically based, it will be in land fills long after the next ice age!! He Be Jee Bees

I wonder what the testing results show of mice around microwaves and the cancer risks, Oh you don't stand in front of the microwave anymore, you walk away after starting the microwave and continue chatting on your cellular phone!!!

Xmas shopping is about the only time I come in contact with the "Fleece" and I always get the same sensation, Styrofoam on steroids. they must inject air into the process to create the "fiber strands" that are flexible enough to be injected to form the substance.
oh it keeps you warm, like asbestos, wonder how the two compare when viewed thru a microscope?

Give me cotton, it comes from a plant, silk- nature, wool-Baa aa aaa aah, natural, cashmere the best, and linen, oh yes breathable, and yes I understand that there are some nylons, and polyesters woven into some of my garments, but a minimum, as I can feel the difference!! Ever wear a polyester suit? like a steam room!!
100% cotton next to my skin, cause I am alive, I breathe, my skin wants to feel the air, not be smothered!!

Oh, yes I will take some Fleece, but only the kind that Jason sought!!!

Back to the sensation

TexasMar 43F

12/26/2005 3:35 pm

OH MY GOD that was funny!!! I never thought of fleeece in this manner. I have actually burned fleece as well and it does burn very weird. I just never thought about it. I do like the feel of it at the begining but after you wash it a few times it get all funny feeling and you get the fuzzy balls all over it.....GOOD POINT on this one!!

Silver Star......

Luv2ShareRLuv 48M/53F

12/30/2005 5:37 am

I used to work at a job sewing fleece items. I was told fleece is made out of recycled milk jugs. That's why it melts and doesn't burn.

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