Caught Sleeping in Class.....  

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7/22/2005 12:43 pm

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Caught Sleeping in Class.....

Screwl(school) keeping me distracted from the wonderful pursuits of sipping from the fountain of blogland. What a terrible trade off in the here and now, but rewards of a future beckon me onward.

Hysterical happening this past week in my Organization Behavior class, meets twice a week for 4 hours, in the evenings, and "investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organiz. for the purpose of applying such knowledge'...blah, blah blah.

Wed. night was the start of group presentations for the class. Our group was the first to present, saddled with a minimum of 70 min. and a max of 90 min. divied up between 6 of us, covering 2 chapters in our text. Followed by a little break, prof lecture, and then another presentation by group 2.

Now this is only the 4th class meeting and we were assigned groups the 2nd class meeting. I knew the 4hrs would be tedious but it is really oppresively boring material. Unfortunately it is tripped up with the need to focus on naming theorists with of course step by step analysis of the theory. Not on how to identify it, overcome it, or utilize it in an organizational setting or to enhance people skills. Practical application, not mindless memorization. Knowing the names and the theory, Whoopee!!, Teach me the whys, and uses, or the identification then avoidance of the bad influences!

Any how back to wed. class, Lots of slides in Power Point , blathering on for 85 min. and we finish. A break and then short lecture by Prof. and then next group up.
The prof tells the class that the material this group covered is very important but is also very boring and when we read it individually to try and break it into small doses.
So the next presentation was in my opinion no more boring than ours, I mean , what do you expect, students teaching students psych and sociolgy material! Only 2 psych/socio majors in our class of 45.

Anyway the Prof. was caught sleeping during the 2nd group presentation. One the presenters saw him, and casually walked back along the far wall, around the back and down the other side of the classroom to "nudge" the Prof.
Noone saw this to my knowledge, but the guy who did this, closed their presentation, stopped and looked over at the Prof. Who said,

"You caught me, It's okay, Tell'em" !

"I guess this is boring, "PROF NAME", slept thru part of it" he said.

And red faced the Prof said, He was sorry, and had no excuse!! We all had a good laugh.

4 more presentations to go, over the next 2 wednesdays, and we get tested the following Mondays on the material.
600 hundred bucks for this class and another 100 for the text, Psycho babble and the sleeping instructor. Rather be somewhere else, but it is IMPORTANT CURRICULUM in my business degree.........YEAH RIGHT!!!!

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

7/22/2005 4:50 pm

Not good when the Prof. himself is caught dozing off in class.

Where's that ruler when ya need it?


pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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7/22/2005 7:01 pm

I want to thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. What you had to say made alot of sense. Your course sounds like a few college classes that I had to take. I've noticed its not boring to those that are "into" it. So what was boring to you, and obviously the professor, there was prolly one person in the class interested in it. Prolly on the front row???? lol

mygmyg 59M

7/23/2005 9:02 am

P.B.Eyes, what has been boring about the class is the "repeat" of the focus on the names of the theories rather than the applications and avoidance of the mindset that allows these things to adversely affect one in a business setting. Especially considering that most of the theories are covered in psych 1 and sociology 1.
And the presentations are slides from the book, which the presenters turn and read directly to the class. Just pretty dry!

P.B.Eyes, I be one of dem on da front row!
And P.B. keep searchin' and bloggin'

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