A hummer of a PAINTING  

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10/26/2005 9:42 am

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A hummer of a PAINTING

this was sent to me as a download attachment of a radio broadcast in Jolly Old England. Love their humor, but this one crosses all boundaries!!

A middle age couple in a major art opening in london are seen standing in front of a painting by the curator for 15 min. without moving.

Curious as to their reaction to the painting the curator asks them what their impression of the painting was?

"Well, sir, the painting is quite perplexing, We're just wondering what it is trying to convey!" replied the man.

The painting was of three black men sitting on a park bench, nude, the two men on the outside each had a black penis, the one in the middle had a pink one.

The curator goes on for about 20 minutes with several theories, it represents the oppression of the african male by white society, and the oppression of gay men by society as a whole. The curator blathered on and on with the various takes on the possibilities.

Finally walking away from the couple, leaving them with more questions than answers, like all good art, the painting was making them think !!

A Scotsman walks up on the couple, and asks, "Would ya rrrrrreally like to know what the painting says?"

the man turns and asks, "what makes you think you know more about what the painting represents than the curator?"

"Well, sir, I painted IT !!" the scotsman responded, proudly smiling and raising up on his toes.

"Please, we would like to know." responded the man, his lady friend moving around to listen closely for the profound revelation that would surely be told them.

The scotsman smiling devilishly responds, "Well they're all three arrrrre Scottich COAL MINERS, and the one in the middle went HOME FOR LUNCH!!!

Yahoo, how about you? Have a good lunch break today, something that left your friends pink with envy? Or are you sheepishly just humming along thru your DAY? !!!!!

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