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5/7/2005 7:24 am

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A wonderful, Drop Dead FUNKADELIC, song from the 70s, by the GANGSTER OF LOVE, (before "gangsterin' was cool!) Johnny "Guitar" Watson. from album of the same name, for all you wonderful MOMs who raised us, cajoled us, prodded us, fed us, cleaned us, loved us, watched over us, and shared your heart and wonderful mind with us!!
MOMs, play those tunes that make you dance, shake that bottom, and float around, as you enjoy your day, it should be a week/month. This song would have your Kids blushin', and starin', provoking those "OH My God, MMMOOOOOOOOMMMM, Don't! My friends Might seeeee!! In their whiny, voices, as they try to cover their eyes, but they keep on lookin'. Give them that wonderful smile, and keep on Dancin"!!!!
No way to ever repay, thank, express our appreciation, admiration, and the ever growing LOVE for your giving, sharing,and PATIENCE(unending amounts in this case),

Let those kids and that man of yours know what makes your day !! What you would like and when, and yes that man should be celebrating you!! You make his life, and his duty as a father sooo much easier. Pull him close and hold him, tell him what he is going to do for you, to make you feel so wonderfully satiated TONIGHT!! or earlier if you can get the kids out of your house this "afternooner".

A holiday weekend unfolds on us here at the site, and I wonder just how bad the site will be this weekend. Past performance will indicate, inability to even get on the site for some, blogs disappearing, comments not posting,(see the ground work for this frustration has been "well laid" the past few days!!) and the dreaded super slow downs that hit us, on these holidays!!
As much as we say or have the thought of "Mother F*&%$@$ Site" it only stands to reason, the site is on holiday, too!!

Back to that music for just a second, slow thumping bass, silly wonderful lyrics of the times(70s), flowing over you, knees bouncing in time, got that bump a goin', smile spread across those alluring lips, maybe your robe is a flowin' arms catching it just intime!! WOOOHOOO, you go MOMMA!!

Have a great Day Ladies!! Hugs and Cheek kisses for all of you!!! That massage, and relaxing foot rub and anything else that floats your mind and body on the river of Bliss!!!

It's back to the grindstone of studies for me! Will be wishin' I was here enjoying the weekend slowdowns, lost blogs, comments, and other holiday "glitches". Note to KEITHCANCOOK, spent about 7 hours yesterday with the Derivatives, standard deviations, variances, P charts, normal distributions, means, medians, modes, ranges, value of Z, mean chart using R, sampling distribution, Poisson(frenchy) and Hypergeometric word problems.... so if help is needed on your "RESEARCH" I will be through will this stuff and will be happy to send you MY STATS BOOK!!!!

I am out!!! Hope you all have a good one!!
Keep that BASS a Thumpin' and your Butts a BUMPIN'

rm_aswtazgirl4u 53F
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5/9/2005 4:30 am

Sweet MYGMYG why couldn't there be more men like you >>>>Sweet,sexy, intelligent,one who knows what to say to a Lady!! Wish I was closer to you I think an evening with you would be something to remember all the way around! You, my sweet man, deserve many sensual sexy,passionate moments. Your smile is amazing!

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5/10/2005 6:08 pm

I posted a comment here days ago and it is gone now. On top of that I misplaced the file I saved it in so when I came back here I could just plug it right in again.

Oh well. I think it was something to the effect of offering your services to BLONDENEEDSSEX who could use a hunk like you to help her in her final documentation of expats basement and the bizarre goings on down there.

(if my memory is flawed...no worries, she is terrific)

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