An old pair of shorts  

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8/7/2006 10:09 am

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An old pair of shorts

Yesterday I was working around my place - and getting the last things together for moving.
I put on an old pair of shorts - kind of baggy and long.
They have lots of pockets and zippers and plenty of ties and stuff. I cannot remember where I got them but they have seen plenty of wear.

I was working away with a few friends helping me and I realized that those shorts are so loose that they slip down on my hips. I wear most things down low and like the look on me, so I thought nothing of it until I noticed that my pubic hair line was exposed at the top of my shorts. I thought it somewhat bold to have so much of my modesty hanging out and then thought it to be soemwhat fun to watch the reactions of the guys that were there if I gave them a little peek.

I picked my subject and then would be sure he was sitting down - at my waist level. I would walk slowly by the guy that was my target with my front to his face. Kind of sideways by him so that he had to look at my waist. I saw more than one rise in the shorts of the guys and after playing around like this I asked one that was less attentive about my tan lines.
His eyes popped out of his head and he licked his lips more than once.
I retired to the bath room to take care of myself as I thought it might be fun to add some of the sweet scents of my body to the air while I was entertaining my pals!
We all went out drinking later and a few of us did compare our tan lines and our pubic hair trims!

What fun friends can be!

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